Saturday, January 28, 2012

The sky is the limit...

I finally created a blog button for my new blog (have you had a peek yet?). It's a while since I did the button for this blog and for the life of me I couldn't remember how the heck I created it. Don't you hate that?

I guess I cheated because I just used the code from this blog and changed the info relating to the blog address and the picture. Nothing wrong with that is there? No point re-inventing the wheel?

I also discovered StumbleUpon this week, what a great site to discover new and interesting web pages. Most of the time I find new sites via the blogroll on other sites but this was a great way to explore. Some days I feel quite 'behind the times' with all these amazing things that are out there in the blogosphere.

I have a couple of BIG goals in the pipeline, ones that won't happen overnight and will take some planning. A bit along the lines of a post I did on Rainbow Dreams called 'How do you eat an elephant?' - the answer - just one bite at a time. How do I achieve my goals, just one step at a time.

These are goals (which for a long time have been quite floaty and airy dreams) which have grown in importance somewhat and will require some pretty heavy duty planning and some further self education. One is the desire to backpack around the world, to be able to go where I want and do what I like and write about the experience.

It's not as if I can get on a plane tomorrow and set off, despite the desire I have some days to do so. I do after all have a hubby and children who need to be considered in this equation. I have three years left on the project which I'm currently working on and by that stage youngest MM will be 17 going on 18 and I will only be 43.

Leading up to that time will be when I start doing some big thinking about the 'right time'

The other goal; in the next three years I want to create a sustainable form of income which can be earnt no matter where I am in the world and which can be topped up with other forms of income if need be. So lots to plan, lots to think about, lots to consider and learn.

Do you have a BIG dream which will take considerable planning? I'd love to hear what others  'before I die and while I'm young enough to still enjoy it' goal is.

Cheers, Fi

Aim for the sky, even if you miss you will land among the stars ~ Neo

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  1. Another similarity about us. That has always been one of my things on bucket list. Backpack around the world. I too am looking to acheive that once the littles get older because I will still be pretty young as well. That is the glory part of having children too young. LOL. And I am trying to find a way to be self sustaining too anywhere in the world. We will both get there. We are confident, smart, determined women. It just takes time, a bite, step at a time, like you said.


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