Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There are no accidents...

Some days I want to scream, and when I feel like that I often refrain from writing a post for fear of being a whinger (so now you have to bare with me as I whinge momentarily) see my greatest dislike is dealing with dishonest people who pull the wool over other people's eyes.

I know, I know - what goes around, comes around eventually - but it's still tough watching the way some people operate and what they get away with doing.

Then I get my message from the Universe in my inbox tonight and I have to share it with you. Of course you've checked out this site and know exactly what I'm talking about, haven't you? These messages put a smile on my face and make me continue believing in my dreams and working towards them. 

You're going to miss the slow times and quiet days, Fi. Your anonymity, stealth, and small circle of friends. Plodding along at your own pace, working in spurts, and wondering where your next break will come from. Even your uncertainties, doubts, and fears will be missed.

It just works like that once massive dreams start coming true.

You'll manage just fine,

The Universe 

Oh, there can still be slow times, quiet days, and all the rest Fi, but you might have to buy a wig. 

How can you not smile with a message like that? If you knew some of my dreams and goals - well this fits perfectly. That's all, life works in mysterious ways and what will be, will be.

So, I'm just heading out to buy a wig and a disguise in preparation.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Ok -- so I've never gone to that site... until now!

    How diving -- and don't forget to post a photo of you in your disguise -- oh, then it won't be a disguise! oh well. Bet you look mysterious in it!

  2. I went -- and got my first message form the Universe today! yeah! How -- divine -- not diving :)


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