Friday, January 11, 2013

Notes from the Universe

About a week ago I discovered this cool website called Notes from the Universe. It's almost like having someone send you a personal affirmation or thought each day.

Now I know there are plenty of these sorts of websites.These notes however are a little bit quirky, some days a little bit strange and then some days they're down right spot on.

Today's note from the Universe was short and sweet and mirrored my thoughts; 
"Life rewards effort, Fi, exponentially. No matter how small the effort, nor how daunting the odds."
People who refuse to take action, who sit back and wait for someone else to do the hard work or just plain can't be bothered to do something are top of my list of frustrating things in my world. (These people are also usually the biggest complainers about life and how unfair it is or alternatively they constantly talk about how much they want to change their lives, but then do nothing)

You have to actually help things along, the Universe helps those who help themselves after all.

I moaned about this only today and then that little snippet of wisdom showed up in my email inbox tonight. Serendipity!

So another quick reminder that my book is available for free through Kindle Direct Publishing for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Make sure it has no dollar value before you download (unless you want to pay the small $1.99 that it is) because timezones may alter the timing of the free window.

If you'd already previously downloaded it and are just getting the new, improved version then you have to delete it from your library on Amazon because otherwise they helpfully remind you that you've already downloaded it and refer you to the archives section.

That's all,

Hope you've had a good week


  1. I had a great example of how sitting back and waiting for the world to come to you worked great for me. I am always pushing, in my grade level meetings, to be prepared far in advance and to be creative in teaching. I don't like the wait-and-see approach to anything in this manner. I want creative thinking from my students, and I expect that from myself as a teacher. My teammates think I am too enthusiastic sometimes and are not as forward thinking. They don't put in the same level of effort that I do. I'm not saying they are bad teachers; they just don't put in the hours of planning and researching lessons that I do. Well, Wednesday I got a wonderful complement that encouraged me to continue to do exactly what I've been doing. Out of our entire school, my class had the highest percentage on the mid-year reading test. That definitely caught some attention from administration, and I feel GREAT about what I have done with my class. Effort DOES become rewarded! Maybe not right away all the time, but it will.

    1. I read that on your Facebook page the other day. That has got to be one of the highest compliments that a teacher can receive.

      Well done, so happy that your efforts are paying off and that people are realising the amount of hard work you put in. You deserve every bit of of this.

      Have a great weekend and hope your results come back okay

  2. For some reason my last post didn't let me subscribe to the comments. Let's try again. Have a great weekend, Fi!


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