Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I know where I'm going...kind of

The clock says 8.09pm (or 8.39pm in Adelaide) and I've been up for 16 and a half hours now. It's fair to say it’s been a very long day, but productive at least. My body is just a little bit tired and the internet connection is a little dubious in my hotel room with it dropping in and out occasionally.
I started this post once and it vanished into cyber space, so now I’m writing it in Word first.

I got most of what I needed to get done today and just have a few things left to finalise in the morning, any doubts I had about the worthiness of this trip were allayed with the amount of things we got set up and tested today. It means when our testing team arrives next Monday they can just begin work, no setting up, no organising.

This afternoon when I went to leave the site, they gave me the keys for a company car to drive. In a word it was kind of hilarious, not my driving but my navigational skills. Have you ever tried to find your way around a strange city when you have no idea which direction is what?

I'm just thankful that they don't have cameras in cars (or if they do, I don't want to know about it) I missed my exit on the freeway, so I went a little bit out of my way (all in the name of sightseeing of course). After easing my fears that I might spend the night circumnavigating the freeways of Brisbane, I finally found where I needed to be going.

My little haven for the night
I have a lovely restaurant on site at my disposal for my evening meal, but instead this cultured and refined gal took herself across the road to the shopping centre and bought herself a dinner of cold meat, cheese, grapes, cherries and a bread roll with spring onion dip. Yummo, tastes all that much better when you sit cross legged on the bed watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking show on TV.

I then forced myself to test out the bathtub (more research for the team arriving next week of course) So now I’m sitting on my bed, laptop in my lap, air-conditioner on and feeling very mellow. My boss currently has human resources rewriting my position description with my role change. I think I also need to have him include a monthly overnight stay interstate as a requirement of my new role.

Yes Jenn, I’m enjoying my few hours of bliss while they last, makes up for my stressful weekend. Also, after my 3.40 am start this morning, I think I’ve earnt it.

Mmmm, decisions, decisions – what to do now. No dishes to do, no loads of washing to put on, no clothes to iron. Perhaps a cup of coffee and curling up in bed to read my Kindle. Life surely is hard some days.

Keep smiling all,

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Love this! And love the fact you have this mini-respite in all your busy-ness!


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