Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magical Moments

Life is about creating magical moments. Moments that make you glad to be alive or which simply put a smile on your face. My magical moments this weekend;
  • Walking my dog on the beach tonight and watching her cavort in the water = magical moment.
  • My grandson having his bath and flopping on his belly, with his face in the water to swim = hilarious magical moment.
  • My little nanna nap on the lounge this afternoon just because I could, no urgent activities requiring my attention = magical moment
  • My boys all doing well and staying out of mischief = stress free magical moment
I discovered a blog today called Manifesting Me and discovered this post which was in sync with my thinking at the moment - the first line grabbed me, "Life is full of magic, and life’s magic affects who we are and who we can be. It is time to realise you are the magician"

I am the magician and I finally accept that I have to create the magic, I have to make things happen, I have to appreciate the good in my life. I have to be brave and step up and do something if I'm not happy with something. Yes I have goals, yes I have plans, but yes sometimes fear of the unknown also keeps us plodding along on the same path.

I also discovered a book along my path, because what's one more to add to the 60 already waiting to be read on my Kindle. Lets face it, I have enough reading material to be stranded in the desert for at least 12 months, except of course battery life might be a problem.

Anyway the book is called "Write it Down and Make it Happen", I read the sample and wanted to read more, so I bought it - there's a common pattern here.

It took me forever to find an ebook version of it though, because Amazon for all it's marvel don't initially list the Kindle version, and postage from the US and time waiting for delivery is just too painful and expensive for me. Simon and Schuster have an e-book version but won't let me create an account because I live on a little unknown island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called Australia.

Anyway after much hoo-hah, I discovered you can buy it through Amazon from Simon Schuster - but they don't make it easy, ahhhh the pain of it all.

Back to my original theme for this post - creating magical moments. We're all in charge of the magic, we need to make things happen, we need to be grateful for the simple things in our lives. I get a kick out of telling my boys to see it, believe it and it will happen and then the disbelieving smirks on their faces when they say 'yes mum, you were right'.

They don't understand the magic yet, they just think I'm being mum. It's genetic you know, my mum passed the positive gene to me but I think you have to be older (or at least wiser to believe in it)

I never used to be such an eternal optimist, but there comes a time (getting old's a shit) when you realise that all the stressing in the world isn't going to change what will be. Finding a way to deal with it and seeing the magical moments for what they really are, is the key.

Have a magical week everyone.


  1. I think the reason we don't believe in the magic when we are young is because we want everything to happen NOW. We say we believe in something, and when it doesn't happen the next day, we say it didn't work. Part of believing in the magic is having the patience to make it work. Your boys will get it, just like you did. We all need to see some small successes along the way to make us believe.

  2. Yeah I've never been good with the patience thing, I'm getting better though

    1. Patience was definitely not one of my strong points. My life experiences have taught me to be patient when waiting for the magic. As you know, this week that was tested to the extremes. Fortunately I had a great friend to kick me in the rear and tell me not to give up. ;-)

      By the way, I found a doctor who sounds perfect for what I am going through. He is a thyroid doctor who doesn't believe in only using the blood tests that most doctors use. The video on his website sounded like he was talking directly to me. Now I just need to save up the money for an appointment since he is not covered by our insurance, and I'll be on my way to see him.

    2. Hang in there hon as I keep saying, and you know the magic will come....

  3. 'all the stressing in the world isn't going to change what will be', Oh so True! We do have to be our own fairy Godmothers don't we? I'm digging the bubbles, by the way : )

    1. It's taken me 41 years to get to that realisation and the bubbles - well, I love them too :-)

  4. Thanks Fi for your encouragement on my recent blog post. And I will definetly use your/books advice and write it down, make it happen. I hope you have many more magical moments this week and in the future. I am planning on it. Have an awesome rest of the week and start to your weekend probably by the time you read this. BTW, did you ever or are you going to order that stuff we emailed about, just was wondering if you were still planning on it. I know you have been super busy with work, traveling and such but just wanted you to know still willing to ship it back out to you if you need me to still.


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