Sunday, February 3, 2013

We never learn do we...

I'm definitely too old to drink alcoholic punch and dance all night to Village People and Meatloaf, but sometimes we think we can do it anyway. Every day we should also learn and discover new things and today I've learnt that I have muscles I didn't know I had and that three panadol do amazing things when you have a five piece band in your head.

Awesome night last night for hubby's 45th birthday celebrations, he missed his 40th celebrations due to us being away on holidays so he decided this was to be his landmark celebration this year.

We expected roughly 50 people to turn up - and they did, yet hubby (as is his habit) catered for 100. Catering for this number of people is no longer a chore or a stress, not sure that it ever has been. I must have been a caterer in a former life, either that or over the years we've simply catered (partied) a heck of a lot. I think probably the latter because I can now do it with my eyes closed.

Hubby did a pig on the spit (yeah we could probably also start a catering business with the number of household 'essentials' we have) Everyone has a homemade full size spit in the back yard don't they?

Fantastic food, awesome friends and good times together - that's what life is all about.

I've been up for three and a half hours, everything is cleaned up and put away (same said awesome friends helped with most of the clean up before they left in the early hours of this morning) so now I'm ready for my afternoon nanna nap.

Even our dog acts like she hasn't slept for a week. She's usually tucked up in bed by 9ish most nights so last night she also partied hard and ate too much. She hasn't moved for most of the day, she's out cold and sound asleep. It's a dog's life huh?

The morning after the night before

We also have enough food left over to feed an army; eldest son and his housemates got their meals-on-wheels delivery this morning when I dropped by with a just a 'few leftovers.' Another girlfriend dropped by to pick up her stuff and also left with a three course meal.

Yep, so it's now time for a little nap, have a good week everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Happy 45th to your hubby -- and wow -- it does sound amazing... and tiring :)

    lol re the pit in the back yard. No. I don't have one. :(

  3. Happy 45th Birthday Fi's Husband! Sounds like you had a rip and roaring time. To be young again, right? Yeah, not sure I would want to be. I know what you mean though when we overindulget a bit at our age, we definetly pay for it. That is why I dont do that too often. Plus I still have the little ones to tend to the next day, no nappies or down time for me. And no spit for us. Hope your week is starting out well.


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