Sunday, January 27, 2013

My kaleidoscope world

I thought that I knew what I wanted. I've done all of the goal setting and the planning and the writing it down. It's in my head and down on paper in its full spectacular visual form.

Then talking to a friend last night and my view of the world has shifted slightly and everything is kind of out of skew at the moment.

Do you know what I mean?

You have a clear vision of what you want, you know the steps you have to take to get there, but then one chance conversation and now suddenly you're not so sure.

Then you start thinking that maybe the reason you haven't got what you wanted yet is possibly because your vision wasn't quite precise enough. Second guessing is a more simpler term for this phenomenon.

Like the prisms in a kaleidoscope, the slightest movement has rearranged the entire picture. It's still beautiful, it still takes your breath away but it's a totally different picture than it was only seconds ago. It makes your head hurt just thinking about all the other different picture combinations that you've yet to consider or even discover.

Mind you, if you were to spend all of your life turning the dials and making the prisms move so that you can discover new pictures then you might stay stuck in that rut of your own making never daring to make a move, or take that all important first step.

Kudos to every person who is dialing the kaleidoscope of life and creating a magical picture of what their future looks like. I'm aware now that there's more than one picture and when the time is right everything will be 100% crystal clear to me and I will just know

... well that's what I tell myself anyway.

Have a great weekend everyone

Cheers, Fi


  1. I have learned that my perspective can be very dependent on life circumstances, comments people make, and other factors. I think, in some ways, that is helpful in realizing if my plan and goal are as solid as I think. In some ways, though, that realization has made me a person who can handle change better. I used to be very stuck on doing things only one way and to be frustrated when my plans didn't work out exactly as I had envisioned. Now I realize there are other paths to be explored, and maybe I won't ever get back on the original one. It definitely adds another dimension to life. I like your kaleidoscope analogy.

    1. It's finding the different paths which is hard, especially when you thought you had the right path

  2. Exactly. Sometimes the best laid plans, written on paper, thought about, dreamt about, are not where you are suppose to be and then one day the clouds open up and the opportunity is yours to seize. And timing is EVERYTHING. This whole new job thing, I have interviewed at the company 7x for various positions over the last 2 years and always lost to internal transfer so I was always *high* on the list. Had I got offered a job last year with them, would not have been able to take my trip to Africa. This time around the position has more growth opportunity, more $$ (not that money is a motivator) and it all just fell into place. I know that you have to WORK hard at anything worth having but sometimes, if things don't line up pretty quicky, I, myself take that as a sign that maybe, it wasn't meant to be. That GOD has something different in store and eventually it is revealed. Sometimes the view is kinda murky to begin with but it becomes crystal clear soon after.

    1. Timing definitely is everything - but oh how I hate being patient


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