Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sigh of relief...

My Saturday consisted of cleaning and packing, not one off my most favourite ways to spend the day. The process was thankfully easier than expected. Eldest son is now all moved into his new place, old house is cleaned and landlord informed that he is out.

In fact his brothers and I have told him that next time he has to move then we're all busy. Let me also say, I don't plan on lifting another finger to help him for a very long time. Easier said than done, but it sounds good at the moment.

My children will drive me to drink, or at the very least will drive me crazy... 

I think I need to move though, there's something invigorating about moving - in that you throw away all the crap that you've been hoarding for a life time. You know that stuff that you keep for Justin - just in case you need it, just in case you lose weight, or gain weight, just in case someone else may need it. Justin is a great excuse to hold onto many things.

A number of bloggers that I visit regularly are doing various forms of purging, cutting back, cleaning out. I should commit to it also, especially because getting rid of things you don't use and reducing clutter opens the way for marvellous new things to come into your life.

As much as I'm aware of that circle of purging and acquiring I'll have to put it on my list of things to accomplish for 2013. I just know that it won't be in the immediate future, too many other things going on.

We're only 12 weeks away from our first implementation date for the IT project that I'm on, things will start ramping up from here until Easter. I'm off to Queensland on Tuesday morning for a whirlwind visit to get everything set up for our testing team who will be arriving the following week.

We also have 6 other projects all moving into various stages of commencement, along with preparation for the second IT implementation which should occur mid year. Did I mention I've got a busy few months coming up?

I've been dithering around on my second book, I started, I stopped, I started, I stopped. Didn't like the storyline, then I did, then I didn't. I wrote a page on Friday night, same character different starting point and finally felt comfortable with it. Some of the older stuff that I've written will still be useful, just in a different place, so not wasted time by any means.

Today I cleaned my own house and did our food shopping (doing my food shopping a day late and the hungry hordes go into shock because 'there's absolutely nothing to eat in the house mum' - despite the fact that I could go 3 or 4 weeks without shopping and we wouldn't starve.) Now it's time to get some dinner organised. It never ends does it?

Hope you've all had a productive weekend


  1. Ug, I hate moving! I do like the cleaning and organizing part of it, though. How do we wind up gathering so much "stuff" that we really don't need? That Justin sure is a pain. Have a great week!

    1. My dad got transferred a number of times as I was growing up so we moved a fair bit. Then when I first moved out of home I moved quite regularly as well.
      Now 18 years in one house - well you can imagine how much stuff I've gathered for Justin :-)

  2. I went thru a stretch with my daughter when she was first out on her own where she seemed to move every time her year-long apt lease was over, and I used much of my vacation time helping. She has grown past those years, and lives further away, so handles moves on her own and with much less frequency. I wish she lived closer, and would gladly help with the moves to have it be so!

    Sounds like your year is going to be BUSY, but you can't say that you'll be bored! I hope it turns out to be a good one!

    1. Josie, it's not so much the helping move that bothers me, it's having to organise everything as well because he has such a 'relaxed' attitude to it all, but that's probably my problem and not his :-)

  3. Ah yes, our children move... and we do much of the work! I have a houseful of left over items from my children's exits that need to be moved out!

    Hope you get some rest soon.

  4. Decluttering is so freeing. We still have some to go but last year when we downsized we got rid of a lot of stuff that just cluttered our life and didnt enrich it. It is a lot of work but once you get it under control them so much easier to manage on an ongoing basis. Glad you got your son moved and I told my daughter the same thing last time she like things are rocking and rolling with work...Crazy busy in work world too on this side but changes still coming into who knows what is going to happen in the near future. I have another project up my sleeve that I am working on outside of work in light of my ongong weight loss...sparked an idea...never sit still for too long, sure you can relate. Hope you get a little down time on your trip to relax a little? Maybe? Have a safe trip.


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