Thursday, January 3, 2013

Learning from my mistakes

I hate being told that I'm wrong, but I'm also willing to learn where I've gone wrong and how I can fix the problem. That's life isn't it? Learning from our mistakes. After all what's the point of doing the same dumb things again and again if we can learn and improve?

All that said, I'm now revisiting my writing to look at where I can improve, an English degree leaves you with a lot of knowledge that sometimes gets left behind in the pursuit of a good storyline. I'm pedantic about word usage and spelling but the basics of punctuation maybe not so much. I accept that.

Thank you Dianne M. Edson for pointing out my failings and when I'm a best selling novelist I'll send you a free copy of my newest book ~ grin ~

I've found a really great site for all things writing called Guide to Grammar and Writing provided by Capital Community College. It was recommended by a fellow writer and if you click on the index link in the centre of the page there's a wealth of information to be discovered and learnt.

May also be useful for students (I'll send the ink to my student son - he'll love it - NOT!) Heck maybe I'll send it to all three of my boys.

So the house is now free of all Christmas detritus, it's all packed up and back in the shed until the end of 2013 arrives in just a few weeks. Well the years do seem to go so quick, especially when you get OLD. I have three and a half days left until I go back to work, not nearly enough hours to get everything done that I want to do.

Today the temperature is sitting at 39C (102F), tomorrow it will hit 42C (107F), perfect weather for sitting inside under the air-conditioning and writing. Eldest son returned to work today at the laser cutting factory he works in, hubby has just started an afternoon shift on the road fixing broken down cars. I should feel a little guilty perhaps?

There, done with feeling guilty, after all I did my years working in a hot factory. Now instead I freeze in an air-conditioned office - summer and winter. No keeping this chickie happy, although giving up work altogether would fix the problem.

That's top of my list of goals for 2013, producing an income stream that doesn't require an hour long commute morning and night to the office. One which utilises a few more of my most 'amazing' skills and allows more time for improving on my not so 'amazing' skills.

Anyway, I have goals to create, a 2013 vision board to finish and plans to make for the coming year. Enjoy your day everyone.


  1. I love that quote! And I have to be honest that I'm jealous about your weather. I don't like the cold, and it is winter here. I really can't complain, though, as we are above freezing, unlike much of the country. Enjoy your air conditioning!

  2. Great site! Thanks. I'll send it to my youngest daughter who is often challenged by punctuation -- who needs it, she says. They can decide when they need to breathe and stop... :)


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