Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Got something to hide... good luck with that

So the revised and improved version of my book is available on Amazon for three days, that means absolutely free from Thursday through to Saturday (based on US timing -  so probably Friday through Sunday in Australia).

If you've downloaded it already and haven't read your copy yet, please discard and replace with the 3 day free version.

Have you ever discovered something totally unknown and quite unexpected about a work colleague? Something that makes you view them in a totally different light?

Take this as a warning that Google is everywhere, it knows everything and you can't hide from it's reach.

If you've been good, Google knows it. If you've been bad, Google knows it. There is no escape from it's reach. Somewhere, somehow, someone will discover your secrets and broadcast them to the world.

I actually googled myself, not because I have anything to hide but out of curiosity of what people can discover about me. If you're active in social media, Facebook, blogging etc, then Google knows it. Such is the media these days, you don't even have to be active online yourself, if you've been bad it's somewhere online.

Having worked in human resources I know it's the one of the first steps that any hiring or inquiring person will take when researching an unknown person, they'll do an internet search.

My boys have me as friends on Facebook, but I tell them if they wouldn't be comfortable with me (or their grandmother) knowing certain things about them, then don't write it, show it, or share it.

Now on the sharing subject and because I like sharing awesome things that can make your life better in one way or another, here's 5 great shares I found this week

Why you should wash your face with oil - I'm so going to try this

Creative Designs - I'll have one of everything on this page - some of this stuff is great. His and her baths - yes please

Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2012 - half of these are on my regular reading list already

 That's all, hopefully there's something there for you to use or share.

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