Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I could have been a legend already

Once upon a time I was a SAHM (that's a stay at home mum for those who don't do acronyms) Strangely enough my job combines technology and project work and it's a career area which has an acronym for every single thing possible - but that's another post altogether.

Anyway back to the once upon a time story. In my younger years I was at home with three young boys and I did lots of exciting things like washing, cooking and cleaning yet I felt like my brain was going to explode from boredom. I wish that back then there had been something like the blogosphere - well there probably was but it was only in its infancy (yes I'm really that old)

If I could have been at home and writing and blogging I would never have felt the need to venture out into the big wide world. When I find time in my busy working life I visit a number of blogs. I'll share a few links in a minute (but they're making money and I'm not, so you have to read my words first)

Don't get me wrong though, everything happens for a reason because boredom made me go back to school and finish out my SACE (highschool diploma) and then continue on to university. The thing is, paid blogger and online contributor weren't on the list of career paths when I was younger otherwise I surely would have known what I wanted to be.

These days bloggers go to conferences all over the globe, and they do career presentations, and they have a voice - world wide, and they make some serious dollars for doing fun things. The truth is that most of them are just mums. Just mums who the world has finally realised have a wealth of information to contribute, and blogging is enabling them to reach more people than ever before.

I count myself lucky these days that I have a job and that I get paid to write and blog and develop internet sites. But just think what a legend I could have been if I'd started blogging when my children were young and I had plenty of mind numbing moments to try and fill. Fancy getting paid to travel around the world and talk about why you blog and what you've learnt.

Blogging conferences are even moving with the times and are child friendly - doh! otherwise the mummy bloggers wouldn't turn up. 

Now as promised, below are a couple of the up-and-coming Aussie mum bloggers who are going places literally and figuratively so it seems, and making money while they do it. I'm sure you all know a mountain of others or maybe you're one yourself - that's me thinking positively that any of these 'established' bloggers would even read my posts.
So when I grow up, I'm going to be a professional Blogger who travels the world and gets paid to give my opinion.

Cheers, Fi


  1. It can happen Fi, remember your header, if you can do or dream it then you can do it! I can send you some tips that have worked for me in the US to make some extra money and get noticed. I am by no means going to quit by day job tomorrow to be a full time blogger but it is all a process and it takes time.

  2. You make me smile and want to stand up and cheer -- Go Fi Go! And you are! getting going and you will go to the moon and back and go get 'em cause you got the get up and go and everything in between to make it happen!

  3. Oh, I think it best if you DON'T grow up and do it anyway. I have just been rooting around in your blogposts and am having fun. I only follow about 150 blogs. So I'll follow yet another. Believe it or not, at least twice a month, I make sure that I have read every single blog I follow, though some favorites are hit more often.

    Regardless, I'm following yours now, too!


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