Friday, February 17, 2012

Another week down...

Blogger has been playing funny games again. Comments have disappeared and while I understand the need for typing word verifications so that Blogger can tell you're not a robot.

I'm left feeling dumber than a robot when it takes me three attempts to actually figure our what the words are when I'm trying to comment on others posts. What's with that?

This weekend is going to be a 'little men' weekend, my grandson is here for a sleepover tonight because his daddy works Saturday mornings and then my nephew is coming to visit tomorrow night whilst his mum and grandma go to a hens party. Little men and lots of love and hugs.

Forrest Gump is on television tonight, love that movie. It's such a feel good movie which makes me laugh out loud.

Youngest son finished out his first week at his new school and I for one am amazed at the contrast between public and private. They get their own personal laptop computer, they have a special lunch for new students and most important is the quality of school work he's doing and not just photocopied sheets being handed out.

It's early days but I'm believing it's probably the best move we could have made for him. Exorbitant costs but worth every cent for the quality of education I'm already seeing. It means that I've put my Masters in Communication, which I got all the information for, on the backburner for now, his education is a little bit more important than mine at this stage.

Anyway my boss said it today, the secret of Change Management is the person who can think on their feet, spin the best bullshit and make others believe what they're spinning. I don't need any Masters degree to do that. I'm learning all the tricks of the trade rapidly every day.

I'm off to a yoga class on Monday night with my 'exercise buddy'. I've wanted to start going to yoga for years but never really committed to doing it. The last time I went to a yoga class was when I was about 15 (a million years ago) and a friend and I went to yoga with another girlfriend and her parents.

The thing was this friend's parents were of the hippy persuasion and were also part of a nudist community so we could never take any of their activities seriously. Yoga at that stage rated up there as a 'hippy activity', unlike it is today.

My other friend and I spent most of the class laughing (as teenage girls are prone to doing) I'm sure that even if we had of wanted to, we wouldn't have been welcome back in that class. I promise to be more mature on Monday night and not laugh hysterically because my body won't cooperate with what my brain wants it to do.

Well grandson is sound asleep, despite youngest son thundering around the house like a herd of elephants, hubby is about to go off to work on nightshift and I'm waiting up until middle son gets home. Driving teenagers - ugh I hate this part of motherhood.

Hope you've all had a productive week.

Cheers, Fi

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~ Jean Houston


  1. Blogger has been a booger this week. I get the emails of comments but not on my posts. Nice. I think I will email help. I have had that problem too with being able to enter the right word. They are hard to tell sometimes. So glad yous son is doing well in his new school. Yoga? Let me know how it goes. I have wanted to try it but never have. Have fun with your grandson and nephew. And I love Forrest Gump. That is one movie that I can watch over and over again. Have a great weekend!

  2. I agree with you! It feels like an eye glass company is creating these so VERY hard to read sometimes letters, so that we will rush to get our eyes checked! ha ha! What ever it is it's about ready to make me not blog so much....until it smoooooooths out! ha ha!


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