Friday, February 24, 2012

Going nowhere fast

Guess what - for those of you who are regulars around here I'm going to spare you the pain of talking about babies and / or puppies tonight.

Okay keep the cheering to a dull roar and if you're silent for just a second you'll hear the absolute silence that surrounds me at the moment.

Can you hear it - silence is such an awesome thing. Is it wrong to get excited by an empty house and peace and quiet and 'mum' time?

Hubby is working on afternoon shift tonight, youngest son is at a friends place for a sleepover and middle son is down the road at a friends place and will be home a bit later. At least when he's only two blocks away it's not far for him to drive home. Let's not even go into why he would drive two blocks, logic doesn't figure in the brain of a 17 year old new driver.

This is truly the clearest indication of how old I am when I relish Friday evenings at home on my own in front of a computer screen. The television is showing the movie that I want to watch, not what someone else wants to watch. I think this can also be classed as dorky, nerdy and even sad behaviour.

I had lunch today with a former co-worker, one of my dearest friends who I consider my brother from another mother, well also from another father for that matter. He's the big brother I never had. He kicks my butt when I'm being a twit, gives me a shoulder and an ear when I need someone to whine to and provides a hug and words of encouragement when things are not going quite so well.

Everyone needs a friend like him (or a big brother if you're lucky enough)

Summer has arrived just a little bit late in Adelaide with three consecutive days of 37C degrees coming up and we're only seven days short of the official start of Autumn - what's that all about?

Do you ever have so many things that you want to do, strong goals that you've set for yourself and because you don't know where to start or what's most important - you stay stationary, spinning your wheels and not achieving anything or moving forward? In other words you're going nowhere fast.

I need to do a lot more thinking around what's most important to me. My family - hubby, my boys, my grandson they're all givens but the rest all needs a greater focus and a bit of rubber under my wheels to stop my wheels spinning and give me some forward momentum.

What's slowing you down or preventing you from getting what you really want?

It's Friday, my eyes are tired - excruciatingly so, middle son has since come back from his long distance visit two blocks down the road and despite peace and quiet and 'mum' time, I'm exhausted. Time for bed.

Cheers, Fi

Note to all -  Tomorrow night I have my grandson for a sleepover and it will be his first tentative introduction to our new bundle of fluff so all bets are off tomorrow - you'll probably get pictures and words about babies and puppies.


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    1. Thanks all the same Steve but not sure that your blog is in my line of interests - thanks for dropping by though

  2. It's Friday morning here and I thought it would be my first time of peace in many days. But. My Middle has the day off and the youngest stayed home sick. See those sparks shooting all the across the world from my house? That's my brain spinning trying to catch on a solid thought!

    btw,referencing your comment on my last post, look at that. Who needs an invitation to Pinterest when you've got Steve ..; )

  3. I find this quite humorous as in a few years you will have no sons at home and you will long for the days when they were underfoot!

    1. We always want what we don't have Brenda. My house is more chaotic than most so at the moment yes I relish the quiet moments, I'm sure in years to come tho that yes I will miss it.


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