Friday, February 10, 2012

Need a four day weekend already

Some weeks Friday just can't come around quick enough - this was one of those weeks. I haven't blogged for two days - once upon a time that would have brought on an attack of the guilts because I wasn't posting every day and also the jitters from withdrawal, it no longer has that effect.

The reality - plenty of other things to do and the only one applying the pressure is me. Some days I feel like all I do is write and create and communicate and I get home and I have zilch energy or urge to write for myself.

It's 9.30 and I've just sat down tonight, luckily I'm sitting upright because I feel like I could go to sleep with very little effort. Grandson is sound asleep on the floor in front of me, he's growing so damn quick. He was super happy and giggly when I picked him up from my son's and then miserable when we got home.

Irresistible and sound asleep, love this age
He's teething and he was hungry and tired and for some reason hubby and youngest both made him cry. I'm wondering if it's because they're both dark haired and his daddy is blonde. Okay so I've forgotten how a baby's brain works. He's about that age where they start to get a bit wary of people they don't see regularly so maybe that's it, and maybe not. Maybe I've just lost my knack with babies.

Anyways it gave me a perfect excuse just to sit cuddled up on the lounge with him in my arms.

Work is ramping up and the next few months will be full on with change management training and then with facilitating change activities across our 19 different businesses at 180 sites. We begin the first of a series of software implementations in roughly 10 months and there are some monumental changes coming. The task is huge, daunting even and we're seriously under resourced.

Head down, bum up, eyes closed and charging forward - that's how I plan to tackle the next few months - with time out for good behaviour.

Right now I plan on hitting the hay, my little houseguest doesn't sleep in on weekends so early start in the morning. Have a great weekend all.

Cheers, Fi

My mum sent me an email this week and I'm not sure who is responsible for these pics but had to share because the photographer did a fantastic job of matching kids and dogs.


  1. I love those pictures!

    I hear you about not having time to blog this week. My "part-time" job has been keeping me away from home for 10 hours a day this week. I'm so glad it's Friday and we have a half day! Well, the students do, anyway. Teachers get to sit in meetings for the afternoon.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I used to post 2 or 3 times a week but I just couldn't sustain it. I do suffer from blog guilt though. That baby is precious and my favorite age period too. I bet it was the teething. He just needed a cuddle with someone soft : ) Have a Lovely Weekend!

  3. I think we had the same kind of week, I didnt post much this week either. Too many other things going on. Your grandson is getting so big. Do you have him for the whole weekend? Teething I remember those days. Freeze a washcloth and let him chomp on it. That always worked for my kids. Hope you can get some rest.

  4. Have a great weekend and enjoy your grandbaby:)


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