Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blink and you'll miss me

Busy, busy days - last night I finally got myself along to yoga with my 'exercise buddy' and we had a great time, definitely going back. Next week we're going to try the Body Balance class which is a combination of yoga and pilates and see which we prefer.

The new instructor will be struggling to compete with the abs of last nights instructor - I'm pretty certain my exercise buddy is only going back for that reason. Most of us can only dream of abs like this guy had. Nothing like having a nice speciman of male to look at while you're sweating it out.

This morning I got on my treadmill before work - yeah me, so I've finally got started on my exercise plan. When I'm trim, taut and terrific then I'll post pictures (ha-ha)

Then tomorrow night is a tour at my son's new school and then off to puppy school to earn my human equivalent of liver treats - because she can sit when told. So plenty to do and not enough hours but that's life for most of us isn't it?

No more words to share here tonight because I'm visiting over at World Mom Blogs where I've written a post called 'Tough guys with marshmallow insides' so why not pop by, share some comment love and say hi.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Fi hey when google changed and then my blogger changed and that is what is popping up as my name now. I perfer the Bethe77 but I will go with the flow. Im learning all over again. It is confusing Im sure that is why I havent had many people stop in. :0 Yoga I have never done. I hear that is a workout. I am headed back to the gym myself. I havent been in a while hubby and I think its time to get back on track. Puppy school. ... Have fun! Blessings

    1. Bethe the yoga is definitely a workout, more so than I ever realised.


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