Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tag - you're it, or not

I prepared this post last night (aren’t I organised) because I knew I’d be busy tonight (puppy class and school tour) and also because I already had a post to write in response to Bethe sharing the bloggy love.

I’ve been tagged by Bethe at Daily Journey.

I don’t generally do a lot of these things but I’ve seen this one around and I can’t resist the urge to tell you all lots of useless facts about myself – hit ESC now if you can’t stand to read any more useless facts about me.

There’s rules, because there’s always rules – and of course I’m going to break them, I can do that can’t I?
The rules are:
1. You must post the rules. (done this)
List eleven things about yourself. (done this)
Answer the questions that the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people that you have tagged. (done this)
Tag eleven people and link to them on your post. (haven’t done this)
Let them know you've tagged them! (haven’t done # 4 so haven’t done this)

The reason I’m breaking the rules is because I don’t want to name one or two or even eleven blogs and miss someone out and I also don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or obliged because I’ve tagged them. However, if you want some awesome blogs to visit then my blogroll is the best place to start.

So here’s my twist on the rules, if you do want to join in, follow all the above rules and then leave me a comment and I will post your link for the world to see (or my little audience at least) that you’re participating.

Eleven useless facts about me:

1.      I moved of home six weeks after I turned 17, my son was two weeks old.
2.      I have three sons, a stepson, a grandson and a beautiful nephew. All gorgeous boys in my world.
3.      I have wanted to be a published writer since I was 8 years old.
4.      I love to dance but I have absolutely no rhythm or coordination.
5.      I attended four primary schools and two high schools – we moved a lot when I was a child and I kept up that pattern of moving around until I met my husband. I’ve now been in my current home for 18 years and my youngest two boys have lived in this house all their lives.
6.      I love to travel; I would travel more if I had the money to do so. My parents sent me to the US when I was 15 to stay with my grandparents and help out while my grandfather was sick. I was there for roughly 7 weeks. It was the first time I flew, my first time overseas and I did it solo. Best time of my life.
7.      I dream of a cottage in the country with acreage where I can write and create and just be myself.
8.      I love my own company and sometimes I need it to regroup and de-stress.
9.      I’m the Communications Lead on a $32 million dollar project – which means we can’t afford to get it wrong. I love my job and I fell into it quite by chance, until this job I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to be when I grew up (I’ve been in this role for 6 months.) We have another 3 years to go – then my job will be made redundant and I’m not sure what the future holds from there.
10. I would love to be able to sing; unfortunately I save it for when I’m in the car on my own with the windows wound up, because I sound like a choking chicken.
11. I have the utmost respect for people with a focus who go out and make something of their lives and refuse to let the bastards get them down. I love people with fighting spirit; in most cases it will beat anything.

Eleven questions from Bethe for me to answer:

1.      What is your favorite color and why?
Definitely pink, I live in a houseful of males, so black, blue, grey and white gets really, really boring after a while. I love pink, in terms of objects but usually wear black with splashes of different bright colours.
2.      Did you go to college/graduate/masters?
Yes, I graduated from university in 2007, aged 36 (yes do the maths) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Sociology. Since then I’ve also completed a Diploma of Management and Certificate IV in Project Management.
3.      Who is your hero and why?
Oooh, this one is hard. There are so many heroes in my life – I guess I will stick with my parents, for the way they raised my brother and I and the values and beliefs they instilled in us because it’s what makes us who we are today.
4.      What kind of music do you like to listen to? And who is your favorite group or singer?
My children would say old-fashioned and boring music. I love seventies music, so probably not so old-fashioned for some. I love Chicago, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and all the songs of this era. My favourite song of all time is You’re my Inspiration by Chicago.
5.      Do you play an instrument and what kind? If you don't, have you ever wanted to play an instrument and what one?
Not really, I played instruments when I was at primary school and I was in the school choir (which is laughable when you consider useless fact # 10 about me) so really no instruments with any real talent or passion.
6.      Why did you start blogging? Is that the reason you still blog?
Because I have too much to say and I love writing, so perfect opportunity with blogging. I still blog for the same reasons, but also now because of the connections I’ve made with other bloggers.
7.      If money was no object to you; what would you do with it? That you aren't able to do now?
Travel around the world visiting exotic places and writing about my journey and the characters I meet
8.      What was your first job and how old where you when you started working?
My first job was at Kentucky Fried Chicken and I was 13 years old. You just can’t get rid of the smell of oil and fried chicken – everything in my wardrobe smelt like KFC.
9.      Who would you love to meet and what question would you ask them?
You always know the answer to these sorts of questions until you have to provide an answer. Let’s go with any famous writer and the question would be; what is the best piece of advice you could offer me as a wannabe published writer.
10. If you could choose any time period in history to live what one would you pick and why?
I love reading about the Australian bushranger era during the gold rush years from 1850 -1860, but I’m also very partial to the 21st century where things like hot running water and air conditioners exist so I’m not sure that I would want to live in that era but I would definitely be up for a visit.
11.   What makes you laugh out loud?
Witty conversation, my family, my new puppy, funny pictures / cartoons – many, many things because I love to laugh out loud.

Eleven questions from me for you to answer, should you wish to join in:

1.      What was your favourite childhood pet, what breed and what was its name?
2.      Favourite movie of all time and why?
3.      The name of your first love?
4.      Who would you take on an overseas journey and where would you go?
5.      Happiest memory from your childhood?
6.      What smell or song has the strongest memories for you?
7.      Camping or hotel for holidays and why?
8.      Beverage of choice (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
9.      What scares you stupid?
10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time, what are you doing, and who are you with?
11. What is your ultimate personal goal at this stage of your life?

Wow this is a really long post, are you even still here? I’m sorry if I’ve bored you all stupid. For those of you who I’ve put to sleep – wakey, wakey, I’m done.

Cheers, Fi


  1. You know Fi, Bethe lives right down the road from me. Small world, eh! I have read her blog for quite sometime too.

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