Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loved up...without flowers and chocolates

Valentines Day is for young people and new lovers. I'm not old or jaded, just realistic. My husband is not romantic in that he buys me flowers or chocolates - besides he'd be wasting his time because flowers make me sneeze and I don't eat chocolate.

But he does;
  • occasionally bring me a morning coffee in bed (despite not being a coffee drinker himself)
  • cook amazing dinners which are better than eating in any five star restaurant
  • change the oil and water in my car (the benefits of marrying a mechanic)
  • encourage our boys to be decent human beings - hubby may be rough and ready but our boys have learnt the right values from him (and lots of bad habits too)
  • teach our boys to look out for each other
  • have the most amazing work ethic
  • ensure the boys do their share of chores around the house to help me
Hubby even made sure that middle son bought his girlfriend of two months a small gift of flowers and chocolates today. I love that he did that. It's teaching my son the right thing, that another person's feelings are important. I had to laugh though because she doesn't like chocolates either.

I was also heartened today because a friend got in touch and offered support for my 'fitness' campaign - an exercise buddy so to speak. The irony of this heart warming offer is that this friend and I used to absolutely detest each other.

As former work colleagues, the first year or two of us working together we clashed so badly it was laughable. Our boss regularly had us in his office diffusing the latest flare up between us. Admittedly that was back in my young and stupid days (okay so it was only 10 years ago)

I'm not even sure why we disliked each other so much, possibly because we're so much alike. We rapidly discovered in working through our agro with each other that our partners are also so similar in some ways that they probably both came out of the same mould. To have come as far as we have, to have her offer an ear, a shoulder, or to be my exercise buddy means a lot to me.

Kyles - you rock, thank you.

I also had another former work colleague email me with a lunch invitation for next week, I miss this person and our daily chats so much. He was the older brother I never had.

See so I felt the love today - from my children, my hubby and some very dear friends. That's the true meaning of Valentines's Day for me.

So what made your day special today?

Cheers, Fi

Note: As much as I would like to moan and whine and complain, I'll restrain myself because I didn't win the Vitamin Me contest. Not everyone recognises brilliance obviously.

I can live without money, but I cannot live without love. ~ Judy Garland


  1. Aww cheers Fi. I hope you can hang onto those feelings towards me after the exercise starts lol

    1. I think I need to check the time set up on my blog because I know you're not commenting at 2.39am. Watch out exercise world here we come, I'm laughing already.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling the love today! Much better than chocolates. Lasts longer too: )
    Happy Valentines Day!

    1. MOTPG - thank you, hope yours was a good one too

  3. It's the little things that make all the difference isn't it?

    Sorry you didn't win. Rubbish judges!!!

    1. Sarah - yes, little things make a big difference. I also agree rubbish judges - gees fancy not being able to see the quality of my entry!

  4. Flowers and chocolates, so overrated. LOL. I told my hubby NO FLOWERS, they just die so quick and cost an arm and a leg this time of year. I just did a post (on Sunday) too about making Valentines Day everyday by doing little things like you listed. Glad you are feeling the love and sharing the love. Have an awesome day/night!

    1. Jenn I hope your hubby and children spoilt you rotten (well maybe at least left you alone to think about packing) Oh my goodness less than 10 sleeps to go.


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