Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The best laid plans...

Wheeew! it didn't just hurt a little, it hurt a lot. Today is my first day of being capable of sitting in front of my computer since last Thursday morning when they wheeled me into surgery. Since then I've slept 90% of the time, the other 10% of the time I was kind of in a daze of pain.

Felt awesome on Thursday afternoon when I got back in my hospital bed (well as awesome as you can when someone has re-arranged the insides of your nose, and knocked you out medically first - to do so)

Went home Friday morning, slept a lot for the next 36 hours and then was back in the emergency department on Saturday night looking like someone who could give Rudolph a run for his money with a bright red nose. Boy was I an unwell little chappie.

So two more days in hospital and three different kinds of IV antibiotics and today I feel almost human again. I came home last night and had a decent sleep and today have only had a 2 hour nap. When you're that unwell there's a certain little moment in time when you wonder whether you are ever going to feel normal again.

I was fairly miserable on Sunday night missing my family, sometimes you just need your mum (no matter how old you are) and mine was 4 hours away. My sister-in-law, sensing my distress, packed up her toddler and baby and hitched a ride with her parents who were already coming to Adelaide, just so she could check in on me.

A 14 hour day, almost 4 hours of travel each way, just so she could surprise me and give me a hug, is she gold or what? Go on that brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?

So my plans this week for reading, writing and relaxing - yeah you know that saying about the best laid plans. As someone who normally isn't sick and doesn't suffer from pain, I was unprepared for how completely unable you are to concentrate or focus when you're in pain or not well.

One thing I did discover though is that hospitals and emergency rooms are absolutely goldmines for coming across all kinds of characters from all different walks of life. The writer in me had to burst out somewhere didn't it, because I wasn't writing, I wasn't even reading.

Hospitals seem to strip away people's exteriors and lets you see the real person underneath. The whiners, the not so honest, the genuinely nice and decent and all of their loved ones as well, some of whom leave a lot to be desired also.

I obviously did a lot of observing and a lot of contemplating this week.

Also, with absolutely zip effort from me on the promoting front for my book - I still had 2747 additional downloads of my book - spectacular, so thank you if you contributed to this successful number.

So I'm hoping it's all downhill from here and I can at least have a few useful days of reading and writing before I go back to work next week - and a few more recuperative nanna naps of course.

Hope you all have a great week


  1. I had been thinking about you, wondering how your surgery went. Sounds like you are rounding the corner, thank goodness. So sorry you had a bit of complications and landed back in hospital. Never is that easy, right? Now hopefully you can heal and eventually be able to take some time for reading, writing, relaxing and BREATHING better. How exciting about your book! That is so cool! You rock! Hope you have a pleasant day.

    1. Thanks Jenn - you can probably appreciate how frustrating it is to not be able to do all the things that you want to do. I'm not too good at lying around LOL

  2. Oh my -- so sorry it hurt and those complications are always scary but.... now for some TLC. Do take care. Do relax -- and be still!

    1. Be still - yes my greatest challenge, thank you for your kind words Louise

  3. Glad you're on the otherside of it now. Like I said, I always had great plans for writing while recovering from surgeries and yeah, the best I could manage was bad TV and several pounds of Skittles (they have vitamin C in them, therefore they are medicinal).

    1. Ann - I think you warned me of that prior to me going in as well. I've also done plenty of bad TV watching this week - luckily I'm still pretty much off sugar so no skittles at least.


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