Friday, December 7, 2012

Simple things which make the difference

Ask any female what will help make her feel better and I'm sure she'll mention a haircut somewhere on her list, probably after she mentions some time to herself and some pampering.

So, with that in mind I went and had my hair cut and blonde streaks put through it today and I feel a million bucks. Well maybe a little less than that, but it did perk me up and make me feel better after a week of lying around and feeling not my best. 

I covered up all of those delightful little grey streaks which are reproducing at a rapid rate. My tactful hairdresser commented on how lucky I am that because my hair is light coloured the grey isn't as obvious.

Really - to me it seems like a flashing neon light. I'm 41, what's with grey hair for goodness sakes?

I did all the survey and requirements to become a tour host for Novel Publicity and my first book arrived in my inbox today which is a little bit exciting. What an awesome way to get free books and help out fellow writers.

I know there's possibly lots of these kind of things in the blogosphere - yet sometimes I feel like such a beginner as I discover these new things - despite my two years of blogging experience. The badge is now in my sidebar if you want to check them out.

I've also just started reading a novel called Assumption of Right which is written by Devon Ellington who is one of the first writing blogs I started reading all that time ago when I first landed in the blogosphere. I'm loving this book so far.

I'm endeavouring to read the books of those writers whose blogs that I follow - it seems that if I like their words in blog form then there's a fairly good chance I'll like their books. To me this makes sense and hopefully as things work, what goes around will come back to me at some stage when my readers want to read my book (s). Plural because soon it will be.

But before I go off reading, I'm off to put some of my own words on paper first, have to make that plural a reality after all.

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