Saturday, December 15, 2012

6WS - Fanfare, because I finally got started...

... on my Christmas preparation that is. I've had a little bit of the bah humbug the last few weeks. Possibly could have had something to do with with feeling like a truck had driven over my face and obliterated my nose as well.

I finally went back to work on Thursday, it was the longest day of my life - well one of them anyway. Friday was better as I got back into the swing of getting up and going to work again. Fourteen days away from work and I probably slept most of them.

Pause here for a long moment of envy for those who don't have to go to a daily job (by choice that is)

Back to the original subject and the fact that finally it's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas. I put up the Christmas tree last weekend, I actually wasn't going to bother this year. I told you I had the bah humbugs didn't I?

I have teenage boys and young male adults to buy for, do you feel sorry for me yet? Males 15, 17, 21 and 24, plus hubby. Christmas shopping is impossible for any of them. I did buy a present for the son's girlfriend and my niece, plus several for my grandson. Easy shopping these ones. But big boy presents - egads, damn near impossible to buy for them.

I've been feeling a little bit sombre about Christmas day because hubby is working and all my extended side of the family is four hours away. I'd originally decided not to go to Renmark these holidays and then this morning made the decision that I would go up for a few days between Christmas and New Year. It's a girls prerogative to change her mind after all.

An hour long conversation with my sister-in-law tonight and now I'm looking forward to my 'late' Christmas, plus I have my fingers crossed that I can take my son and grandson up with me as well. Just have to talk the younger two boys into coming too and perhaps the son's girlfriend if she's not working. Hubby has to stay home and work unfortunately.

It's hard when your kids get older and you don't have that excitement and lead up to Christmas with school Christmas activities and advent calendars and wrapping all their presents and them not caring what they get.

Anyway, how's Christmas starting to look in your part of the world? Do you look forward to it or do you wish you could hide away from it all?


  1. I am almost finished the preparations. We have also celebrated with a few parties which have helped. Hope yours gets better.

  2. I'm always a little bah humbug these days, Fi. It's all so commercial and money, money, money, isn't it? But once I get my tree up (Tuesday gone) and hear a few carols, I get into the swing.

    1. That's probably what I hate most - the commercialism of it all

  3. I always look forward to it, though the older I get the less magical it seems to be. The past few years have been sort of blah for me, so I decided to make a concentrated effort this year to enjoy it more. Of course, having fun really shouldn't take work, but it does seem to have helped to simply change my mindset a little bit. My son is 21, so I think you're right that it changes drastically when the kids are no longer kids.

    1. Less magical, yep that's a good way of describing it


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