Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visualise - my word for 2013

Hope you all had a sensational Christmas, mine was peaceful and enjoyable. One thing I discovered though was that Christmas lunch at a restaurant / hotel is not all it's cracked up to be. Why is it the more money you pay for a meal, the smaller the serving size is?

No matter, it tasted okay and we had a good time.

Now for words - I love the idea of choosing a word to define what you want to achieve for the coming year, I found that I like it better than making New Years resolutions. In 2012, the word I chose was 'belief' and I finally found the belief in myself to publish my first book that had been sitting idle on my computer hard drive for over a year.

For 2013, I want to choose a word that sits with creating the life that I want to live, not necessarily just the life that I have. There's so many more things that I want to do, see and achieve.

So after much dithering and considering I've chosen the word 'visualise'. My idea is that I need to visualise the life that I want, take the steps necessary to achieve it, and also trust that it will happen. 
Believe it or not, but what you think – and picture – can have a big effect on the way you live your life. This is known as visualisation and it’s a power we all have inside us. In other words, what your subconscious mind believes may help you get what you want. ~ Better Homes & Gardens.
So do you set resolutions, have a special word, or do you do something else entirely?

I also think I'm going to do some re-vamping of my blog over the break and not just cosmetic like I've done today. I plan on using this as my 'visualise' platform, I'm just not too sure how I want to do it yet. Any ideas will be willingly accepted.


  1. Great word. I don't set resolutions, and I don't really have a word to focus on. I do have an emotion, though: hope. I hope that this year life will turn around a bit. There is so much hope for 2013 that if I even realize a portion of what I dream of I will be very well-off. Have a great week as we head into the new year!

  2. I too like to choose a word. Last year, my word was suppleness. I'm still meditating on what 2013 will be -- love yours. :)


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