Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's probably going to hurt just a little bit...

So my surgery to have my sinuses / nose fixed is scheduled for Thursday morning. I'm allowed to be a little bit nervous aren't I? I'm not ready, although I'm not sure when I would be ready though - me and surgery, not such a good mix.

I got the phone call Monday morning that they'd had a cancellation, so this week has been a mess of organising everything at work so that I can be off for 12 days. Not so bad because there will be 2 weekends in that 12 days.

I'd love to say that I'm going to read and write and have a nice relaxing 12 days but I've been told initially it will be like having a really bad head cold and I'll need to rest, so we'll see.

I got a promotion of sorts this week with the establishment of the Project Management Office at work. We'll now be working across 7 projects as opposed to the one project we were initially on and I get a Manager title - woohoo. Lots still to be determined and worked out, but a little bit of comfort for me with all of the restructuring which has been happening.

One important piece of news to share - my book will be available on Amazon for this Saturday through Monday at no cost. This is the final three days of the Kindle Direct promotion. I know many of you already linked and shared links and purchased with the first of the free days in October. The response was amazing and if you already have, then thank you.

If you haven't had a look and you would like to help spread the word, so that I can get as many people reading as possible, then it would be greatly appreciated. Just click Amazon - be sure that the cost is $0.00 which will be dependent on which time zone you are in - the dates are US based. So for my Aussie friends - you'll possibly have to wait till Sunday here.

I'm doing this now, because tomorrow night I'm at dog training night with my puppy who is now the size of a horse (or close to) and then I'm in at the hospital at a sparrows fart on Thursday morning. Quite simply I'm not sure what state I will be in to let you all know on Friday about the promotion.

I do know that I'm looking forward to being able to breathe properly for the first time in too many years - I think my nose dive, face first off a swing as a seven year old is what probably caused me a few problems.

When I get back it will be with a clear head and an ability to breathe through my nose, and maybe just maybe that might help my hayfever and the stuffy head feeling that I suffer from 24 / 7.

Hope you all have a sensational week .


  1. You'll be in my thoughts, Fi. Good luck on everything coming up for you.

  2. Good luck, Fi! I wouldn't plan on doing much, I had great plans to write and read after my surgeries. The meds they put me on slowed my brain to a pace where Mickey Mouse was about all I could handle, and even that confused me at times. Here's to feeling better soon!

  3. So... how did it go? Are you breathing freely? Hope so!!!!


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