Sunday, December 9, 2012

Concentration of a flea...

I have the attention span of a flea at the moment, it's more than a little annoying for someone who likes to be on the go and creating most of the time. My stuffed up head isn't helping the concentration levels much either.

But if that's the most painful or annoying thing in my life at the moment then I'm doing all right. Some have it so much harder.

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary, my mother had to remind me by sending me an e-card and talking to me on the phone. I'm a bad wife for not remembering, my hubby is just as bad - he'd forgotten also.

Some people make a grand thing out of their anniversaries, and that's okay too - but I guess we never have. We appreciate each other, and his care of me, our boys and our home this week following my surgery are all the gifts I need.

I finally put up the Christmas tree today, I think I've had my ostrich pants on the last few weeks - you know the 'if I bury my head in the sand then Christmas will wait for me to be ready' sort of feeling. I'm still not ready, but it's hard to avoid.

Tonight the news is again focused on the prank call to the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying and the resulting tragic suicide death of a British nurse. I understand the worldwide outrage - it was a dumb prank which backfired with tragic circumstances, but I'm also dismayed at the bullying and harassment of the two presenters at the centre of this.

Dumb prank - yes, thoughtless - definitely, but malicious and intended to cause harm - I doubt it.

Aren't we seriously running the risk of this event being even more devastating by allowing the ongoing harassment and abuse of this pair? They've been suspended from their jobs, they're being hounded and abused from every corner of the world.

Ease up people - everyone makes mistakes and no-one ever sets out to cause another person's death either directly or indirectly.

My thoughts are both with the family who have lost a loved one and also with the devastated presenters who are now in hiding for their own protection. Social media truly makes it's damaging presence known with occurrences like this. Everyone suddenly becomes a perfect human being and quickly turn their vitriol on the accused.

How quickly they forget that we are all human, we all mess up - when they can focus on the wrongdoing of another.

Hope your week is a good one, and tell a loved one that you love them just because you can.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the radio dj's deserve a little bit of a break. Yeah, it was a goofy prank, but they didn't know the nurse would kill herself. I still wonder what made her do that. I guess I'm missing some of the story.

    1. Karen I think we're all missing some of the story. It is tragic that someone could feel there was no other way out of this. Sadly I think we'll hear a lot more of speculation and hype about all of this before the media let it go.


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