Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green magic juice

I've started following several healthy living blogs recently who all regularly mention 'green smoothies' as being an amazing super food which keeps the body healthy. I also bought a blender several months ago when I first gave up sugar, with the aim of making healthy smoothies.

To date I've made very few smoothies - despite the best of intentions though. Who am I kidding, I've just been lazy?

Anyway following my surgery and the bucket loads of antibiotics which they pumped into my system, it seemed it was time to assist my rather mixed up insides with a dose of green magic in a glass.

I would have taken a photo of what I made today but it doesn't look too appealing in a glass. Somewhere I also read that if it looks icky coloured (in other words regurgitated grass colour) then put it in a coloured glass and if it's a pretty green colour then put it in a clear glass.

The mind is a powerful thing and the colour is rather off putting. The mix I blended made two glasses, I'm on the second glass and it's not unpleasant just different. It's growing on me in fact.

My green thumb hubby (as opposed to my brown thumbs) has a multitude of green vegies in the garden which I could choose from so I added the following to my glass of magic juice.

Our vegie gardens in the front yard
1 whole ripe mango
1/2 banana
4 large romaine (cos) lettuce leaves
Ice cubes
Icy cold water to blend to desired thickness

Yummo, most of what I've read recommends to start with milder forms of green leafy vegies like baby spinach, romaine lettuce, bok choy etc and then work your way up to the stronger tasting green vegies like kale, chard, celery etc.

They also recommend an 80% vegie, 20% fruit combo. The thing is, if I'm going to make them and I'm going to enjoy them, then fruit will probably outweigh the greens for now. I figure any mix is better than nothing.
Vegies in the back garden

So the reported benefits of drinking green magic in a glass.

1. Energy gain
2. Proper digestion
3. Minimal cravings
4. Weight loss
5. Radiant skin
6. Cancer fighting  
7. High in Antioxidants

Here's a few pages to check out for some yummy smoothie recipes (green and otherwise).
Of course for those of you who are one step ahead of me and already drinking these then please share some inspiration in the comments of what you put in your own magic juice.

It's all towards a healthier, happier me. I figure it can't hurt my stuffed up head either.

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  1. That's a great way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet. I personally found that I needed the chewing sensation to feel full and satisfied, so smoothies didn't work for me. I hope you get used to the veggies and enjoy! I figure as long as you are getting some in it's better than nothing.


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