Thursday, March 8, 2012

You sleep in the bed you make

What makes a person either good or bad? What determines those who will be successful, those who will try but give up easily and those who won't even bother to try?

What makes the difference between a person who has ethics and morals and those who have none?

Is it our upbringing, is it our family and friends, is it something we are born with or is it a combination of all of them, or perhaps none of them at all.

Many of my thoughts above come from a conversation I had earlier this week about teenagers and peer group pressure and the people we eventually become. The other person in this conversation intrigued me with her insight and maturity and her understanding of people in her world - she is young after all.

I'm one of those people who has to restrain myself from staring and listening too intently to those around me. I think it must be the writer in me who is fascinated by human nature and what motivates people and makes them do what they do. I don't think I'm kooky in my fascination though (well I hope not anyway)

As I write these words I think I sound a tiny weeny bit freak-like, or maybe just a little bit strange. So be it, I am what I am. Me - I think I'm a melting pot of my upbringing and my family and I truly believe that some of who we are is in-built, maybe genetic, maybe ingrained through our childhood - I'm not sure. I'm no scientist.

I also believe the best upbringing in the world can be brought undone by peer group pressure, in the end though, I think our sub-conscious thoughts and our inner being will see us back towards the path we are meant to follow.

My thoughts possibly sound kinda idealised - but then so do a lot of my posts. That's the beauty of having your own blog - it's me, it's my thoughts and my opinions. It's not to help me win friends and influence people, although a little of that doesn't go astray.

Okay people, do you agree or disagree - what makes a person who they are?

Cheers, Fi

I believe in a higher power and I believe in good and bad, right and wrong. You sleep in the bed you make. ~ Leif Garret


  1. I think in the end morality is internal. We may learn from our parents what is considered right and wrong for our society, and I think at some time or another we are all swayed by our friends. At some point, though, we become our own person and follow our own sense of morality. I don't know what drives that, but I think even a person with the most terrible upbringing has the potential to be terrific. Unfortunately it also works the other way sometimes.


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