Friday, March 23, 2012

Value for money

These three words perfectly describe my hubby. He will only buy something if he thinks he's getting value for what he spends. Not a bad trait to have. He also likes to buy things, not a bad trait to have either. Combined with his love of machinery, motors and cars - it can be a problem.

We currently have 5 cars in our front yard in addition to his work van. Only three of us in this family drive, you do the maths - that's 6 vehicles and 3 drivers. My workmates joke that I have a different car for every day of the week.  Hubby will point out that every single one of them was a 'bargain' and massively good value for money. Of course!

Car number 5 actually arrived to day - he 'bought' it for me ~grin~. It's a little Ford two door hatchback. I've had the station wagons and the bigger cars that will take all of our boys, their bikes, their fishing gear and all of their sporting gear and their mates where ever they've needed to go over the years.

I've been openly hinting about a smaller and more economical car for a while, a long while, especially with the now forty five minute plus drive that I have to and from work. Eldest son is out of home, middle son is driving himself everywhere and youngest is on his bike, a bus or relies on older brother a lot of the time. So it's me and my dog mostly in the car these days, oh and occasionally hubby.

The newest addition has had two lady owners, is in immaculate as new condition and has a full service history from new. The latest owner has only had it for a few months - she bought it from a workmate for her daughter, however the daughter can't drive it because of shoulder injury and no power steering.

It was an $800 bargain, this one out does itself in value for money.

Our front yard is full of similar vehicles - hubby can't help himself. These are all secondhand cars, in extremely good condition that he picks up for a song. He has a similar affliction when it comes to buying anything with a motor - from lawnmowers to lathes and everything in between.

He's decided we probably need to sell a few of the cars, although I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

My indulgence is books - I have a lot. I'd possibly have more if I had somewhere to store them and could afford to buy more. I try to restrain myself.

Do you or your partner go a little crazy and can't resist buying certain items?

Cheers, Fi

A book worth reading is worth buying ~ John Ruskin


  1. Oh Fi, once again, it becomes clear that we are married to the same person. However it usually works in the reverse too, in the sense that I can come home with some "shoes" and say that they were a bargain and then it is all good!!

    1. Yes Kyles - our boys both came from the same mould didn't they?

  2. I am not much of a shopper nor is my husband thankfully however he does covet music. Before ipods, he always bought at least 2 new CDs a week NOW he buys them on itune so not sure if any better...LOL. He loves music, we love music, so I guess it is not all that bad and it takes up much less space than cars. But you got a new car! That is exciting. BTW, I got your email with the link, I havent had a chance to view it yet but will and I will let you know what I think.

    1. Jenn - you guys must have a lot of CD's. My new car is VERY exciting and also very nice to drive

  3. I would get kicked out of the neighborhood if I had that many cars... but I think everyone has 'something' they can always justify as a good value for the money. Afterall value is something we place on an object :)

    1. Brenda - Kicked out of the neighbourhood? - boy that's a bit rough. I have 2.5 metre high fences at the front and electric gates so nobody can even see the cars.
      They're all neatly parked (we have 3 driveways) so not so bad I guess :-)


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