Saturday, March 24, 2012

6WS - The blogosphere is a judgemental place

I like to think of myself as a fairly positive and reasonable person. Yes, I can be quite forceful and abrupt at times, but I would never negatively comment on another person's activities and / or beliefs in a public forum.

Blogging is a public forum and some of the obnoxious and rude comments I have come across on other people's blogs are quite amazing.

Two separate blogs in the last two days and perfectly innocent and seemly harmless posts are met with extremely harsh judgements. Why do people see fit to judge and lecture others about what they are doing?

What makes these comments more appalling are when there are references to god in terms of retribution for the bad behaviour. I might point out that the comments are not related to 'true' bad behaviour other than in the misguided perception of the commenter. WTF?

I don't follow set religious doctrines, but I definitely have my own spritual and moral beliefs and I also believe in honesty and the theory of 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' which is a useful concept.

What ever happened to the belief that if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything? (This theory doesn't count with this post because I'm on my soapbox over this one)

Let me say this in respect to those people:- making rude, derogatory and judgemental comments on a person's personal blog is not something I see as being approved by anyone's 'god' - you twits need to stop using your religion to denigrate and abuse others.

I've been blogging for roughly 18 months and have always considered the blogosphere to be a very supportive and positive place. I find myself totally appalled with what I have witnessed in the last few days.

The saddest thing of all of this - these are comments being placed on 'mommy' blogs, they are not highly controversial blogs which probably could expect more of this sort of thing. How tragic and empty must people's lives be if they have nothing better to do than make horrible comments and judge others?

Have you ever had to deal with judgemental or derogatory comments on your blog and if so how do you deal with it?

Cheers, Fi
(definitely cheery because I have a full, balanced life and don't feel the need to denigrate anothers actions - how 'bout you?)

A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.  ~ Jacqueline Bisset

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  1. That is so sad; I have heard of people leaving blogging because of such negative comments. We used to call people "trolls" who would come in it seems and attack this person or that person on their blogs through comments left and would harrass them, etc. I'm with you, if you can't say anything good, don't say anything and if a particular post upsets you about what is written, don't comment at all and move on. Like someone said "no one is forcing you to read what another writes". I have to say I have been very blessed and have not gotten any negative comments (yet), a few I took exception to but no negative ones or right out bashing ones of what I wrote. I do know in my younger days of blogging (been blogging since 2005 off and on) I did leave more "aggressive" types of comments about my faith (never bashing someone else but writing more than they probably wanted to read about my faith when they were never going to be interested in pursuing such a faith). I've learned to tone that down a lot over the years and try to leave a positive encouraging comment about what someone writes.

    It is sad though that this can't be a safe place for someone to express their thoughts.


  2. AMEN... I so agree with you!
    But there are just mean people out there and they feel like that it gives them a sense of control...

  3. when I wrote about C.C.'s experiences this past week, a woman wrote in -- three times -- to tell me how wrong I was to think and write well about the people in the town who helped him. I felt sad for her -- her anger, bitterness, resentment cloud her vision. I didn't approve her comments -- I did write back to thank her for sharing her experiences -- and I wished her well. and left it at that. One thing I know, if someone is committed to seeinng the negative, all the positive in the world will not shift their POV unless they open their eyes and heart.


  4. Amen sister! I am glad I have thick skin with some of the comments I had over the last couple months. It even irritates me more when they are so cowardly and post anonymously. I know as a blogger we put ourself out there for critics but even so. Funny thing I was going to do a post about *haters* but then decided it wasnt worth my time.

  5. I suppose I must've been lucky as I've not experienced this so far. Little bit of cattiness but that's all. It really isn't necessary,is it?

  6. I think some people get pleasure from being unpleasant to other people. That can be the only reason why they make these unkind comments. I firmly believe that if you can't say something nice then don't say anything!

  7. So far I haven't.

    Though I once commented on a controversial issue and my comment was taken badly. I wrote to that person then on their blog (so publicly) and by email to explain what I had actually meant. She accepted my apology, in fact, a couple of days later she gave me an award so I think it was OK. But I felt very bad - I genuinely hadn't meant any offence.

    But I have recently heard of a few bloggers who have actually stopped writing because of this very issue. One was a very popular Mummy Blogger who closed her blog down for 4 months. That makes me so sad.

    As I said, when I wrote my comment it was to a controversial post written about a controversial issue, and I offered a different opinion. I sometimes write posts which I call debates, where I like to have different opinions put forward from my readers. On those posts I would never take offence even if they gave a view very different to mine.

    Like you, I think if you don't like a post don't read it and definitely don't comment. It's their blog and their opinion.

    Occasionally, I've visited someone's blog who has left a like, or a comment or even subscribed to my blog and I genuinely have not liked what they've written. I find that hard then to write a nice comment and I wonder, what I should do? Of course, I write no comment. I don't lie and say I liked it. But then they don't know I returned their visit, so I just look rude!!

    I don't know how I'll deal with it when it happens to me. I'm sure it will at some point. Wordpress allows you a lot of control on what others can actually post. I'm not sure if I would revoke the comment (therefore not giving the person any publicity) or if I would allow it to show just what a horrible person they are. I've seen other bloggers leave it and ignore it or answer 'Thank you for your comment'.


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