Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have a dream or two...

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Being sick gives you plenty of time to lie around and think. That's about all I'm going to say about being sick because I am well and truly over it - I don't do sick, it frustrates the $%#@ out of me.

But it did allow me the time to think long and hard about life and what I want from it.

Brother and sister-in-law were down from Renmark Sunday night and I was definitely not the hostess with mostest (that saying sounds so stupid when you put it in words)

Lets just say that I wasn't feeling very lively or sociable but it was good to see them anyway.

I went to work yesterday and coughed all day, to the extent that I started feeling like I had a big 'infectious control needed' sign over my head. I felt very self conscious every time I coughed. So, today I lay on the lounge and did lots of thinking and not much else. I had no energy to read or surf the net or even read blogs.

Do you ever have moments when you think 'I could have done that, or I could be doing that now' I have those sorts of thoughts now and again. Don't get me wrong because I wouldn't change my life for a second, I've made my choices and I'm happy with them. But I still have moments when I think what could have been.

My biggest dream as a young girl was always to go into journalism and I still get those occasional flashes of what if, especially when I'm watching news reporters on television who fly into the thick of action stories around the world and bring us the news as it's happening.

There's something in me that still dreams of the writing and the travel. My first youthful dreams didn't come to fruition but I can guarantee that in some shape or form it will play a part in my future. I may be old, bent up and on a walking frame because of old age by the time it happens but I will do it in some way.

So do you have a youthful dream that may not have happened in quite the way you hoped due to life and choices you made but which you will adapt to suit your life circumstances and will still achieve in some shape or form?

Cheers, Fi

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream preceded the goal ~ Pamela Vaull Starr


  1. It's not too late to chase that dream! I went back to school to become a teacher at age 33, and at age 36 I saw that dream come true. I realize, looking back, that in small ways I was chasing that dream throughout life. I was a volunteer in my daughters' schools, I worked as a teacher in church settings, and I taught a small class about computers at the senior center. All of this was preparing me for the big time, and I never even realized it. I think if we are meant to do something that will always play a part in our lives.

    1. Wow Karen - awesome achievement. I think you're right about our lives preparing us for the big time - our dreams lead us to where we need to be in the end


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