Monday, March 12, 2012

Beware of curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat and also totally ballsed up my blog template. Playing with Blogger dynamic views when you're not sure what they do, without first saving the original setup, is plain dumb.

That's what happens when it's a public holiday and I have time to explore and experiment. There are certain elements of my blog which I really like so then why wouldn't I wipe them all out and have to start again.

When you mess with things you don't understand, this is what happens - oh well! Therefore some things are back to normal and some things are a little different. That's life for you.

Yesterday I had a moment after commenting on a blog when I came back here and wrote a little comment as an after word for being so darn positive and happy when another is suffering and doing it tough. Further to my words I realise that in reality we should never apologise for being happy.

After further thought though, I'm sure that posts about how super happy and fantastic my world is at the moment are entirely boring and unreadable. What is it in the human psyche that makes us more likely to want to read about doom and gloom and bad fortune.

Bad news days sell more newspapers and gain more viewers to news channels, so it stands to reason that bloggers who write about surviving doom and gloom are likely to be more popular than happy and positive 'my life is gold' blogs. A sad state of affairs really, but true.

It must be from my upbringing that the nasty, shitty moments in my life while alluded to and even hinted about here in these posts will remain private and not for general consumption. I'm not sure why some people feel comfortable about airing their dirty laundry for all to read and comment on, Facebook allows too much of that as it is.

So I'll settle for the mildly entertaining and a touch too positive posts rather than airing all the skeletons in my closet for the world to read about. I'm conscious that many friends, family and co-workers drop by here on occasion so I'll save the controversy and uncensored posts for a blog where no-one knows me. Now there's an idea.

Have a great week people

Cheers, Fi

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. ~ James Stephens


  1. I've messed up my blog doing the exact same thing! In fact, just this weekend I thought I want to make a change, but I'm terrified after my last experience. Since I'm on Spring Break I might take the time to do it, though. I'm ready for a new background picture.

    I agree that we should never apologize for being happy. We can still show empathy to others but enjoy our own positive feelings.

    1. Karen - your last statement, so true. We all have our own 'moments' that we should revel in and yes we can still emphathise


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