Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shake it off...if only

Watch a dog when you spray it with water and see how it shakes it off with a quick little flick of its body. I want that ability - I want to be able to shake off the cares of the world with a quick, measured little shake of my body.

I take on others problems, I worry for them and about them and I try to fix the problems. In fact their problems cause me stress and they shouldn't because it's not my responsibility. We're talking primarily about my children here of course.

One is an adult and another is super close to being an adult and I'm not sure as a mother how you remove the need to nurture, to care and to worry about them. I know I definitely don't do them any favours by trying to save them from themselves. Hubby is also quick to point out my 'failing' as well, but I'm still not sure how to just step back.

I know it should be simple. It's not!

Today my body feels like it has been battered and beaten. Body Balance is hard work for a body that has seen the ravages of time and not faired so well. Were I to try and shake off the cares of the world at the moment then I would probably do myself a serious injury because some parts of me are protesting rather loudly today.

My friend and I are divided over the Yoga class versus Body Balance class - both have their benefits, so we've decided to do alternative weeks. I will get fitter and healthier if it's the last thing I do. My chiropractor will possibly hate me for what I'm about to do to my body, or love me for the extra income it brings him.

Tonight my delightful little newest family member, the four legged furry one who does exactly what I want as long as she gets a treat, graduates from puppy school. If only children were so easy to 'train'. Tomorrow I might share photos of how much she's grown.

Cheers, Fi

Some shrugged their shoulders as if to shake off whatever chips of responsibility might have lodged there ~ Helen Hudson


  1. Oh Fi, I so feel what you are going through. Dealing with this with oldest daughter. It is not easy but if you didn't worry, they would probably worry about you as to why you were not concerned. Catch 22. You do however have to give some leeway to let them make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. And I know that is hard watching them go through things that are are or will hurt them. You are a very caring and loving person and it shows.

    1. Jenn - it never really ends does it?

  2. I'm still in the nurturing stage - so can't comment on the first bit. However, seriously impressed with your determination to get fit. Whenever I think of exercise my hand reaches out for chocolate!


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