Friday, March 30, 2012

Monsterly long weeks stink!

Yay Friday! – This week has been a monsterly long (okay so monsterly is not technically a word, but it works for me.

The weather today is delightful and it seems a shame to be stuck indoors on the first floor (can’t even open the window when you’re in a high rise) I want to be outside sitting on the grass, with the breeze in my hair and the sunshine on my face. It’s honestly that good today.

My boss is off sick today; and truly the weather is too good to be sick. As a team we’ve all lovingly shared the cold bug in the last few weeks. You might remember I was sick a week or two ago – I’m sure someone in this building shared it with me though. Those are the joys of working in a corporate office.

I’m writing this post in my lunch break because tonight I’ll be throwing on my glad rags and hitting the town. In other words I have a work function and the reality is I’ll possibly be curled up asleep in the corner by 8pm. Our direct team all grabbed rides in to work today (we all live up to an hour away from the office) and we plan to get ready at the office and then go for drinks prior to dinner. 

Our new office has the benefit of showers and nice flash bathrooms, so it’s very handy and good that we don’t need to make the trek home and battle the peak hour traffic to turn around and come back to the city again.

Six more sleeps until I’m off to Renmark for the Easter break, I’m so looking forward to seeing my family and just relaxing. More of this weather over Easter will do me nicely thank you very much. 

So what are you up to for Easter, holidaying, relaxing, or are you one of the unlucky ones like my hubby - who has to work?

Cheers, Fi

Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest ~ Ashleigh Brilliant


  1. Hope your evening goes well and your Easter holiday with your family too.

    My husband will be home for 10 whole days. I think perhaps, we'll do some work in the garden. :-)

  2. Thanks Sarah - the night went well, my body can attest to that :-)

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