Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a kick-a-fence kinda day

We all have them, the kind of day when you want to kick a fence, or a tree and sometimes even a person. Today was one of those sort of days, more so the kick a person kind of day. So I logged on tonight to quickly voice my frustration on my blog.

Quickly is the key word here - it's late (almost 10pm) because my days are pretty crazy at the moment and I discover my laptop is going at the speed of a slug.

Slower than a slug actually, my fingers are about 10 letters ahead of what's appearing on the screen. Does it not realise that I'm in a hurry - quick post tonight, no time for messing around. EEErrrggghh!

Back to my fence kicking kind of day - well the reality is that the slow as a slug laptop just caps off the day. Anyway, the project at work is currently making me feel like I'm trying to run uphill and backwards, and the ground is also moving in waves under my feet as I try to run.

In other words I'm getting nowhere fast in running up the mountain or achieving what I feel like we need to achieve on this project. Through no fault of our own and that's the reality of the situation, not just my misguided belief in my ability (or my bosses).

Change Management is a pretty sucky kind of thing to educate people about, to get people involved in, to basically get anyone to actually grasp or want. Yet change is inevitable.

My life has had a lot of change in the last few years in terms of career and work and promotions etc etc. My home life, while very much resembling a roller coaster ride, has not really been about change. Just lots of the same rubbish (and good times) in waves of the good times and bad.

So what am I really saying? - I, like many others, am in essence a creature of habit. I drive the same route to work, no variation. I do the same things week in, week out. I have lived in the same house for 18 years, despite living in numerous houses in different towns and states for the first 20 years of my life.

Change is not big in my life, same, same - is good because it's comforting.

I understand change, I really do - I see the need for it at work. Now if we consider my fence kicking kinda day - no one else seems to get change, or the need for it. Despite kazillions of articles and recommendations about the need for change in a project like ours, no body wants to think about it. They're happy to follow the same path, the same patterns, the same ol' way of doing things.

The project indicates that they really have no choice. Whether they want to or not, they will be doing many different things in many different ways to what they currently do.

Days like I had today and I wish (really wish) that I was strong enough, brave enough even, to just sell up everything and go romping around the world for a year or two. My day will come, believe me on that one. For now though, I'll just lace up my steel cap boots and give the fence a solid big kick every now and again and then I'll move on with the job that needs to be done.

Welcome to my world, how is yours looking this week?

Cheers, Fi (I can still smile, so life is good)

Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin. ~ Denise McCluggage


  1. Yes, we indeed all have days like those (or weeks in my case of last week) and I really did want to kick a person (in my office). LOL. And I do believe you that you will sell off everything and travel around, something that I plan on doing as well once the kiddos grow and I (we) will still be young. We will have to meet up somewhere in Europe. Like we both know change is inevitable, change with it or get left behind. Why do people not understand this concept? Not all change is bad. People get complacent human nature, I guess. I hate being complacent. Always rocking the boat somewhere, keeps life interesting. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    1. Jenn - Europe? You're on, I'm there when you're there. Although you've got a few more years to go than me with the kids being off your hands. :-)

  2. Even with steel toed boots, my toes take a beating when I kick inanimate objects! People too! :)

    Change is here to stay -- and what you are doing is important. Most importantly -- doing your best is good enough! :)

    1. Louise - you and Jenn, you're always here and so good for my morale.
      My toes usually take a beating as wel, and so do my head and my heart. But onwards and upwards, moving forward

  3. At this point in my life most of my fence is hanging about 3 inches off the ground from use. But it's ok. There are a few sections that are prettier than new, decorated with what life has handed me. I don't like change much either but there are a few things that I'm thankful did!

    1. MOTPG - Yeah mine's more a guard rail than a fence because of use also. I like the way you describe it though

  4. Go with the flow of change and kick up your heels. Only 8 more sleeps and bring the fur kid - the change will do her good as well!

    1. Mum - yes, yes and yes. Looking forward to seeing you guys (and bringing the fur kid)


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