Monday, December 12, 2011

Sharing a few little gifts with you

As a writer in the making, I like to think that I'm fairly careful about what I post or share to ensure I don't take away from someone elses words or inspiration.

Having said that though, there are also things I like to share with you as a snippet of what awesome things I do sometimes discover with the hope that if it interests you, then you might go take a peek yourself.

In this season of giving where commercialism is sometimes hard to escape and some people lose sight of the real essence of giving, I found this super post here, (it's worth checking out some of the other insightful things on the Jungle of Life site)


What should you give?

A damn: “Life is a dar­ing adven­ture – or noth­ing at all” ~ Helen Keller
Help: to any­one you can offer it to.
Love: to your­self first… then to as many oth­ers as pos­si­ble – you have an end­less sup­ply!
Respect: because EVERYONE is wor­thy of it.
Hugs: as long as HR does not have a rule against it – ugh!
Freely of your best ideas: the future will be unlocked through col­lab­o­ra­tive cre­ativ­ity.
Advice: when it is asked for… and then… care­fully!
Advice: some­times – only some­times – when it is NOT asked for… and then even MORE care­fully!!
Men­tor­ing: help oth­ers to avoid some of the mis­take you have made.
Gen­er­ously: to a char­ity you are truly pas­sion­ate about.
Time: to peo­ple who will not waste it.
Wis­dom: to those who love you and will lis­ten.
Your­self a break: you are not sup­posed to be per­fect – let that go.
Praise and thanks: to every­one – often!!
100% of your per­sonal effort: life is not a dress rehearsal.
A smile: pass along some warmth and joy to oth­ers.
Under­stand­ing: remem­ber that every­one you meet is fight­ing a mighty bat­tle.

Give, give, give and give some more. Embrace an abun­dance men­tal­ity by under­stand­ing deeply that if you just help enough other peo­ple get what they need – you will get every­thing you need.

What a clever post - I loved it.


In the spirit of Christmas giving I have a couple of shares tonight, this second one is a Facebook page set up by Karen who's blog is on my regular reading list. Too many things on this page that I could pick a specific one to share with you, but if you're in search of Christmas ideas which are healthy and fun for the family and don't cost a lot, then this page has heaps of different links and ideas. It's new but already has plenty of things worth having a look at - A healthy, homemade holiday
and because good things come in threes, here's the third.


I visit Eden at Edenland often and I think I've shared the link to her site before. Never before have I read the words of someone who has been to hell and back through alcohol addiction and who is still able to convey the beauty of the human spirit and inspire so many people in such simple ways.

She's rough and ready, she's brutally honest and at times probably offends some with her straight talking, yet she has a heart as big as Australia and many followers who would defend her to the death.

Today she shared a clip of Michael Buble awesomeness of him with a fan from his audience and then this quote - Mudita in Buddhism is vicarious joy .. "the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being rather than begrudging it."

Sorry Eden, I'm stealing your word - it's going to be my word for the Christmas season - mudita, how perfectly appropriate. I think we all should experience some mudita this week.

Hope you enjoyed my gifts tonight.

Cheers, Fi

The reader / writer in me felt the need to also share these websites which I've recently dicovered

The Book Depository - for me books are nirvana (and I buy a lot) I found this website recently and was delighted that prices are equal or better than most other 'popular' sites, but for me the biggest bonus - free delivery worldwide.

Scribd - my boss pointed me towards this site and I still have some more exploring to do. It's a Facebook page and the header says this 'Millions of documents and books at your fingertips! Read, print, download, and send them to your mobile devices instantly. Or upload your PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs to share them with the world's largest community of readers'

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. ~ Denis Waitley


  1. Wow, Fi, what a lovely surprise to wake up and see myself included in your list. I feel so honored! Thank you for sharing my new Facebook page with others. I hope everyone enjoys. Thanks for sharing some great new (to me, anyway) sites to look at and follow!

  2. That is an awesome list of what to give. I will have to go check out the site. And scribd, I have used that before it is awesome. Ohh and you wondered if I was crazy or brave for putting my Africa trip out there on my 6WS, maybe a little bit of both. With passion comes controversy and I am ok with that. Have an awesome day. And it sounds like for the most part you had an enviable weekend! One day when the kids are older, I might take a long soak in the tub with nobody banging on the door. LOL.

  3. Good advice all around.
    I practice mudita, unknowingly.
    I don't envy other people's happiness, but seek my own, on my own terms. May we all find some, now, and in 2012.


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