Saturday, December 17, 2011

6WS - It's beginning to feel like Christmas

The shops are teeming with people, everyone's in a hurry, the traffic is appalling and the carparks are over full. Yeah it's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas.

Started my Christmas break today - woohoo. As I write this post on the 17th day of Summer, it's bucketing down with rain outside and the rain and thunder is so loud that youngest MM has just shut all the doors and windows so that he can hear his movie that he's watching. It's still warm though so not the most pleasant kind of weather.

Hubby has just started work - 5pm start on a Saturday night, a week out from Christmas with rain and crazy weather. As a road service patrol who is on the road for the next 8 hours helping broken down motorists, how fun do you think his night is going to be?

The lights keep dimming and the thunder keeps booming - hopefully the power isn't going to go out. It'll make cooking dinner an interesting concept.

Today is also my baby brother's birthday - Happy Birthday buddy. In three years and 32 days you will feel as old as I do. LOL that's an inside joke, my boss is 16 days older than me so on those days when he's feeling a little bit slower he tells me that 16 days on when I'm the same age then I will feel the same as him.

I've been really lax with writing and catching up on posts this week - you know how it is this time of the year. Crazy days, heaps to do. We had a fantastic project team Christmas lunch yesterday and way too much alcohol, which is very unusual for me who doesn't usually have more than one or two drinks at any one time.

It could have something to do with them buying me one or two triple shot vodkas as well. I told them it tasted a little bit funny, which was probably because I couldn't taste the lemonade. I was still self contained and well behaved though - promise.

I was awake bright and early this morning and even succeeded in dragging hubby to the shops this morning to do some Christmas shopping (anyone who knows my hubby will know this was a monumental feat on my part) I still have more shopping to do but he helped me with the hard decisions and purchases.

I hate shopping for teenage boys. Buying gifts for my mother, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law is a piece of cake but boys ergh! Plus we have too many boys in our family - double ergh! Not that I'd trade them for a second.

Now that I'm on holidays (did I mention that yet?) I'm starting to feel a little bit more Christmas minded and a little bit more relaxed. My three hour nanna nap this afternoon probably helped as well.

Okay so despite waking up bright and bouncy this morning - Christmas shopping, a BIG afternoon yesterday and a migraine left me feeling a little bit ordinary by this afternoon. So I slept, because I could.

Are you dreading Christmas or starting to feel a little bit more 'in the mood' like me.

Hope you have a great weekend, be it relaxing or getting ready for Christmas day.

Cheers, Fi

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  1. As always a bit on the same wave length. LOL. Ahh you are on holiday. I so envy you. I wish. We do however several extended weekends coming up so looking forward to those. Hope it calms down with the weather and your hubby is safe out there in the midst of it all. Kinda scary. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. I am always on holiday, but still able to empathise with the harrassed workers. Have a lovely time.

  3. I'm on my Christmas break now too, and must face up to getting the Christmas preparations completed - only about half way there at the moment!

  4. It's an awful lot of work for one day a year, isn't it?

  5. Enjoy your break! I have 3 more days and then, that's it.

  6. Oh yes, and a very Merry Christmas to you and joy to everything you do!

  7. I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit in the beginning but, now i'm starting to. : )

  8. Merry Christmas Fi, enjoy the festivities and freedom and don't forget to take time for yourself.

    Shopping for boys LOL, I know the problem!


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