Thursday, December 22, 2011

On target in 2012

As usual, my wonderful blogging friend had it together before me by coming up with 12 goals for 2012, just as I was reconsidering my 101 in 1001 days. I'm not scrapping my 101 list or getting rid of them, they're still my goals. What I am doing is breaking the list down to more manageable amounts. That way they aren't quite so daunting.

My goal is to be on target for a better me in 2012.

So I've come up with 12 tangible (real or actual - capable of being touched) and 12 intangible (not definite or clear to the mind) goals.

They're all primarily taken from my original 101 in 1001 list - you can check, the list is still there - I've just renamed the tab 'goal setting'. My 'On target in 2012 list' will be on there as well.

Tangible goals

1. Lose 5 kilos – which is at least what I’ve put on since giving up smoking in 2011
2. Start writing my second novel
3. Organise passports for my boys
4. Investigate publishers for my first novel
5. Take my boys overseas
6. Decide on and then get my second tattoo
7. Write one good thing that happens weekly in my blog posts
8. Learn how to create my own webpage and move my blog there
9. Complete 101 random acts of kindness and keep track of them
10. Attempt 5 things that scare me stupid
11. Decide what additional study I want to do and enrol
12. Prepare an updated version of my resume with all my new learned skills

Intangible (but necessary) goals

1. Learn to trust in my instincts more – go with my gut
2. Be happy
3. Trust that things will work out - try not to worry so much
4. Introduce a daily way of relaxing, a time just for me - to let go
5. Do something spontaneous at least once a month
6. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
7. Don't say anything negative for 1 day
8. Spend a whole day in jammies, with no phones or computers
9. Make regular times for bubble baths with candles
10. Go puddle jumping in the rain
11. Develop a writers mindset and commit to writing regularly
12. Let go of the need to control everything, it’s too tiring

This is not just about New Years Resolutions, but about goals for the entire year which lead to a better me, or at least a happier me. So what are you thinking about achieving in 2012?

Cheers, Fi


  1. Look at us going back and forth. LOL. I think your goals are awesome and I am sure you will accomplish many of them, easily.

  2. It all seems doable to me. Good luck with these and come back to tell the many tales.

  3. I love the idea of staying in jammies all day, but it would have to be with the computer on. I always say I'm going to do that, but then I wind up getting dressed by 10 AM and want to go somewhere to get out of the house!


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