Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm off to Nirvana...

Today is day 11 of 24 days of holidays. Today I finally feel like I'm starting to relax.

I've spent 11 days reading, writing, blogging and nanna napping. Besides the boring everyday things like cooking, cleaning and washing that is.

I don't think I realised just how much I needed to just chill and have 'me' time. Trying to resist thinking of all the things I should be doing and not feeling guilty that I'm not doing them is hard.

The next 12 months on the project are expected to be extremely busy and stressful, so guilt about not doing much of anything over the break - well guilt be gone.

The best part about today - I went to a book sale, because you can never have too many books. Book sales and I are akin to me visiting nirvana ( a place or state characterised by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry and the external world) I bought ten books - because obviously they're cheaper the more you buy.

I have way too many books in my house as it is and it's almost a standing joke in my house about me and books. Hubby and my boys tend to steer me around book sales, because I'm a bit of a sad case, I have to buy something. Some women buy shoes, some buy clothes, some buy makeup - me, I buy books. Fiction, non- fiction - it doesn't matter as long as it's interesting.

So what in your world takes you to Nirvana?

Cheers, Fi

Here's the latest pic of the little man who is 6 months old today - how quick time moves. This is probably my favourite photo of him. I'm lucky that his mum is handy with a camera and takes heaps of photos of him.


  1. Love this photo of the little man - gee, he sure has grown. Thanks for the photos - will have a play with them.


  2. What a fabulous photo!!! He is sooo cute.

    And for me... books too :) Stacks and stacks of them.

  3. What a sweet little boy! He is getting so big! Books stores and me are like white on rice. Love'em. Surprise! And we have tons here. Have you heard of Powells Books? Man, if you ever came back to Portland we could spend a couple days getting lost in there. It is literally a couple blocks long with every book imaginable. Check it out online. Glad you are finally starting to relax. And the camera situation, Hayden does have two cameras of his own, older ones that have broken or we have replaced....Not sure what was going on in his head at the moment. Hoping that I can send it back to Nikon to fix and get it back in time before my trip to Africa which is coming together nicely. AND I am going to have a few days in Amsterdam to troll around. I AM SO EXCITED! I am taking a chance and living life. Although I am going to miss my family during that time tremendously and so wish that they could come. Hopefully the next time my husband can at least come. Have an awesome day!

  4. Wow, six months already? That just does't seem possible. Time sure does fly!


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