Monday, December 5, 2011

Counting down...

Minute by minute, day by day I'm counting down till holiday time. Busy weekend, ten hours sleep on Saturday night because I got to sleep in and then six hours last night because we had friends for dinner and then I was up at 5am.

Early mornings and me - ergh! Tomorrow morning I have a conference call at 6.30 am - not sure that my brain will be in gear and my mouth will be functioning, but oh well. Then I have a communications presentation to do at one of our sites at 8.15am which is on my way to work. Tommorrow is going to be a very long day!

I haven't done one scrap of Christmas shopping yet, in fact I haven't even given it much thought, my boys are incredibly hard to buy for. Mind you, I did have a rather superb idea for eldest and his girl but I can't write it here in case they read this, which is a possibility.

I planned to update my challenges list yesterday, but didn't - shame on me. I did at least get the Christmas tree up in all it's rainbow glory and hubby hasn't dared mutter a word. I need to go and buy some new lights for it so it's not quite done. It does put a smile on my face though.

There's some days when you have so many plans of what you need to get done and you don't get halfway trough the list. Focus on the big things and the small things will take care of themselves - not sure if I've got that in the right context but it sounds good.

Do any of you remember me posting here about the 14 year-old teenage boy who got picked up in Bali for drug possession back in October? Well after two months of being locked up he finally got to come home today.

Luckily the six and even fourteen year sentences which were talked of, never came about, but for a long while there it didn't look good. What a tough lesson he got about the rules of another country. At least he's home, safe and sound with his family for Christmas, which is the important thing.

It's all many of us want for Christmas and that's about all my words from this tired brain today.

Cheers, Fi


  1. I'm boycotting shopping this month :) OK so not really. But I'd like to! I'm off to spend 72 hours on the roof of the homeless shelter where I work as a fundraiser/awareness generator of homelessness. I think I'm crazy.

    I'll be following from on the roof -- don't forget to breathe! I am :)

  2. Fi, yes I cook the food. I don't have much choice; my husband works evenings so if I didn't we would starve. Cooking actually relaxes me even though most of the time it really isnt relaxing if I am rushing or having to entertain the kids the whole time. You will see though alot of my meals are pretty quick and easy. You should try some of them. Barely started my Christmas shopping as well. Still not feeling the greatest but..I will survive always do. I will be putting my challenge/goals for next year up shortly and one of my reall high priority item might be coming to realization in Feb. Can't wait to share it with everyone. Talk to you soon.


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