Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dream Weaver

If there's one thing which makes me wild and which makes me climb up on my soapbox with fire in my heart is anyone who steps on another person's dreams.

The blogosphere is a funny place because as much as it's a supportive and fun place to be, there are (as there are in life) nasty and rude people. To not agree with someone is fine, if we all agreed then life would be boring.

There are however ways of voicing your opinion and not stepping all over a person's dreams or causing much angst in the process.

Surely people follow another person's blog for a number of reasons
1) they agree or like what the person has to say
2) they learn new things from reading
3) they've formed a 'blogging' friendship with the other person
4) they live vicariously through the other person

There's probably a million other reasons why people follow a blog. I'm sure there aren't people who follow blogs just so they can jump on that person when they say something they disagree with. Would that make them blogging predators????

I comment on several regularly because I feel that I've forged friendships / affinity with the owners of those blogs. I follow a whole lot more but I often don't comment because they either have lots of comments already and it would seem a bit like butting into a conversation or because I'm a little daunted by the person and would rather get to know them through their writing  for a while longer.

I will comment when something really grabs me though, regardless of whose blog it is - but there are always rules, be polite, be tactful, be honest. Do not be rude, threatening or accusatory. Do or say unto others as you would have them do or say unto you. It's possible to disagree with another person's posts without being horrible about it.

Stepping on anothers person's dreams or shattering them and being nasty in the process - unforgiveable. If you're concerned about the person and worried that they may get 'hurt' by following their dream by all means tactfully raise your concern but don't smash, dash and shatter that dream.

Our dreams are what keep us moving forward each day and give us fresh hope. Our dreams are our own and no-one has the right to belittle them. Don't let anyone take your dreams from you - if you want something bad enough then go out and get it. If the path to your dream is not quite right, then replot and replan and keep going.

...and if you think someone's dream may cause them harm (be it emotional, psychological,  physical or financial harm) - tactfully and carefully give them the facts so that they can replot their path if they decide it's necessary. Never just destroy their dream with harsh words.

To my dear blogging buddy who knows who she is - keep dreaming, keep planning and keep believing. After all, as the header on my blog says "Whatever you can do or dream you can do, then do it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now!"

Cheers, Fi

And because I love the song and this post is called Dream Weaver - here's the clip to the song "Dreamweaver" by Gary Wright - showing my age now aren't I?


  1. Thank you Fi for always being such an inspiration and sending me positive vibes through the internet. Like I said from your comment yesterday during all the hoopla, it really helped calm me.I can't say I have had much experience with such negativity on my blog until yesterday so it was a new experience. I probably should not have even responded since that seemed to fuel the fire for a few but I try to be transparent on all things on my blog so I did feel a bit obligated. And I will not let a few choice unknowns who don't even read my blog squash my dreams. Dreamweaver that is a good song. Have a great day!

  2. Every blogger and blog reader should read this. :) Thank you! I don't always agree with what I read on blogs, but I try to leave thoughtful comments - or, if I can't say anything nice, to not say anything at all. As you say, I often don't feel that I know the blogger well enough to comment on what she's said that bothered me. Most people in the blogosphere, though, are very friendly, so we should remember their comments and forget the few rude people who jump in.


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