Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guilty pleasures - bring 'em on

I read a Six Word Saturday post this morning about 'Guilty Pleasures' and it got me thinking about my own guilty pleasures. In fact my whole weekend might be one big guilty pleasure.

Wikipedia says "A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it"

My guilty pleasure is called 'quiet time for mum' - hubby and the boys are off organising a work picnic for hubby's work. They left just after 7am this morning, so at 7.30am I was curled up on the lounge in my pyjamas and zipping around the blogophere reading Six Word Saturday posts - um guilty pleasure, most certainly.

I'm sure all of my readers who are mums and probably have to lock themselves in the toilet just to get some quiet time are hating me right about now. After all, this is my second day in a row of 'me' time. Although I do remember that when my children were younger that even locking myself in the toilet didn't guarantee quiet time because they were usually the other side of the door whining and knocking.

I think this post may have got a little bit off track here, back to the guilty pleasures thought. As a mother what are my guilty pleasures -
1) quiet time to myself with no-one bothering me or wanting me to help them with something.
2) buying a treat to eat and not having to share or buy something to fill 'their' mouths with
3) a hot bubble bath with no-one sticking their head around the door and starting a sentence with 'maarrrrmmm' (you know how they put 5 syllables in the word mum)
4) hubby being able to organise something himself and me being curled up on the lounge reading a book and not having to get up and help
5) a long sleep in and then a relaxed morning pottering around the house doing exactly what I want to do.

Okay so my guilty pleasures are more frequent now that my children are teenagers and somewhat more self sufficient. Don't for a second though, think that I live a life of luxury and slothfulness from reading this post.

To all my dear friends and former co-workers who know me too well - how awesome is it that someone is organising a work picnic and I don't have to be there to organise it - that's a massive guilty pleasure in itself and took some doing to restrain myself from getting involved. I will instead be one of those 'normal' people who just turn up to eat and then leave.

Nah, I'm sure I'll be unable to leave without helping pack up - some things are just ingrained in our psyche.

Well it's now 8.46am, way too early to be up on a Sunday morning but sometimes you get that. I might have a leisurely shower, chuck on a load of washing (I know I said yesterday that it was all done) but somehow dirty clothes reproduce in a house with teenage boys in it. Then I might do um 'nothing'.

Don't hate me too much - we all need it and deserve it occasionally. Hope you find some time to indulge yourself in the crazy lead up to Christmas.

Note: When you speak (or write) too soon, it will come back to bite you on the butt. The phone just rang as I got ready to publish this post- it was hubby with a list of things they forgot to take and would I mind bringing them down. Yeah no problem, should I deliver them in my jammies with no make up and my hair looking like it hasn't been brushed in a week.

The moral of this story - enjoy every single guilty pleasure because a mother's / wife's work is never done.

Cheers, Fi

Guilt is the price we pay willingly for doing what we are going to do anyway ~ Isabelle Holland


  1. So... now I will comment on this one! LOL ---- quite time is abundant in my neck of the woods these days --- how I remember those door banging days of not being able to even do the simple things of taking a shower in peace! Sometimes I miss them --- but only sometimes.

  2. I'm with Brenda... sometimes, but only sometimes, I miss those days!

    And I'm trying to take the 'guilt' out of my pleasures. If I'm going to do it, I've decided to enjoy pleasure guilt free! :)

  3. Oh this can get a girl in trouble too...sometimes, just sometimes....but enjoy each day no matter what!

  4. Again, I'm sorry for getting to this so late. I completely understand the guilty pleasure of having a treat without sharing. I always feel I need to get something for the girls, too, but my husband has been encouraging me, lately, to treat MYSELF not the family. It sure does feel different! My other guilty pleasure is a couple of TV shows that just make me laugh.


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