Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who's in the drivers seat?

Okay I'll admit to my weakness, I like to check out my stats to see what people are reading on my blog. Its human nature isn't it? It always surprises me because it's usually the things that I write on the spur of the moment that I've given no prior thought to that people gravitate towards. On any given day I get between 40 and 60 page views, yesterday it skyrocketed to 120 page views - and I'm not sure what the massive peak is from?

Am I the only person who wonders about this? I get annoyed with myself sometimes because essentially my blog is for me so what does it matter what people are reading? Well I guess it's because I'm human (that's my excuse for all my failings) and I like that people want to read what I write.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system I can tell you about how I'm being brave beyond belief. Middle MM has started at TAFE (which for any non-Australian reader stands for Technical College of Further Education) which is all a part of his apprenticeship. He wasn't meant to start there until February with the new school year, which would have been fine because he can get his probationary license the day after his birthday in January and drive him self.

But as is always the case they started him this week, which means I take him - or should I say he takes me, because as a learner driver he has to drive for 12 months with an observer in the passenger seat. So every morning I bravely climb into the passenger seat for the forty minute drive in peak hour traffic, there in the morning and back in the evening. In all honesty he's a good driver, albeit a little over confident and arrogant in his ability. I think that's the male teenage standard though.

The problem is me - I'm not a good passenger. I've been in the passenger seat in three different car accidents, it was before I met my husband - so I'm talking a long time ago, but it stays with you. The thing is it's really hard to maintain my cool and not show him I'm nervous. Who am I kidding, he knows and gives me the 'mum will you cut it out' look.

This afternoon my chiro wanted to know why I was so tense. Gees, life is more relaxed in the last few days than it has been for months so I explained that it could be because I sit rigid in the same position for forty minute stretches - she laughed when I told her why.

I want my hubby to do this, because I'm simply not good at it. Unfortunately hubby's shift work in a company vehicle is not conducive to him doing most of it. Besides MM says I have more patience and explain things to him better, so I will continue to get my money's worth from the chiro and will work on the nervous passenger syndrome that I currently suffer from.

I'm simply better behind the wheel and in control of the car than in the passenger seat - it's that control thing again isn't it? What about you, are you a nervous passenger?

Cheers, Fi

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? ~ George Carlin


  1. There's nothing like a mother's love and what we're willing to do for our offspring!

    And PS -- nervous. That's me!

  2. "he's a good driver, albeit a little over confident and arrogant in his ability."

    that's youth privilege...


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