Sunday, June 26, 2011

Waiting is excruciating!!!

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The day has finally arrived and I'm excited beyond belief (I think I say the words beyond belief a lot in my posts - but hey that means 'huge amounts' in Fi speak). My little grandson is on his way, action stations are happening. He's not expected to arrive until later tonight, but if he's anything like his father he won't wait that long.

If he arrives before midnight it will coincide with his great grandparents wedding anniversary today and what would have been his great, great grandmothers 97th birthday were she still alive.

Can this kid pick a day to arrive or what, that's assuming he does arrive today? Do you know how many endless minutes and hours there are in a day - I hate waiting for anything! Should he arrive in time for me to post again today - then you will get two posts in one day because I'll be back to boast and show pics.

I had five hours sleep last night - not because I knew he was coming today but because I was taxiing hubby and his 'happy' mates to and from a work function last night. So when the phone call came at 8am this morning from my son (and interrupted my sleep-in) to say things were happening I was not at my bright and bubbly best. Truth being, I never am in the mornings anyway.

It's all together amazing how the need for sleep suddenly rushes from your thoughts and you feel suddenly energised and full of hope and magical possibilities at the impending arrival of a wonderful little being. I think I'm more excited about becoming a Nana then I was about becoming a mum. No that's not true, but becoming a mum meant first experiencing unbelievable pain. Becoming a Nana - none of that, just joyful anticipation.

No resemblance whatsoever!
My boys have come up with the novel name of 'Nanny Mcphee' for me from the fantasy kids movie of the same name. This is their humorous play on the Nana and Fi names. Boys have such dumb senses of humour sometimes.

Nanny McPhee is supposed to be ugly and hideous and has magical powers - I'm certain there is no resemblance because I don't look anything like this.

Having since read the write up from the movie, apparently she works her magic on the children and as she transforms the children's behaviour she transforms from ugly to beautiful - so maybe that's not a bad name after all.

Well I'm off to try and make my day go quicker - I'll be back with pics as soon as I can. May magic and endless possibilities fill your day. To my darling DIL and my son, I'm thinking of you both - good luck with it all.

Cheers, Fi


  1. Oooohhhh!!!! I can hardly wait to hear how everything went. How exciting!

    I'll be back to check in on happenings.

    Best wishes and love to everyone.

  2. How exciting! Can hardly await the arrival news. And pcitures! Blessings

  3. my usual advice:
    that goes for the expecting mother too, of course...

  4. Yay!! Looking forward to it!!


  5. Congratulations! I personally love the name, but I've never seen the movie myself. It's a nice play on your name, though. I hope all is going well!

  6. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Jayden Lucas Crus as 2.16 am this morning. OK so he was 2 hours and 17 minutes late but that's OK - we love him!

    Give our love to the new Mum & Dad. Looking forward to the photos.

    Great Grandma Maureen
    (wow - does that date me???)


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