Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change is sometimes good

Are you one of those people who is exhilarated by change or do you run and hide and do your best to avoid upsetting the comfortable pattern of your life. I used to be a big 'change lover' but find that the older I get, the less I make changes.

For the first twenty three years of my life I lived in more than 10 different houses in 3 different states of Australia. Dad got transferred with his job quite a bit when I was a child and then I did a fair bit of moving around when I first ventured out into the big wide world. I loved moving - new house, new things to see and do, new people, it was an adventure that I thrived on.

The first few years with my hubby and when my children were young, part of my desire for change meant that I used to rearrange the furniture in the house. Fantastic way to do a thorough cleaning and it also kept me amused. Hubby less so - he hated me moving things around. I also used to move my bedroom furniture around regularly as a teenager. Strangely enough, middle MM has inherited this tendency (much to his father's annoyance)

I haven't moved the house furniture for years now, I've lived in the same house for 18 years and I've even worked for the same company for ten years next month (admittedly I've changed jobs within the company) How staid and boring have I become?

Despite my lack of changes in recent years, I like change (in most cases). I think it shakes us up and forces us out of the ruts that we get stuck in. You'll notice I've changed my blog design somewhat, it's the third change in the 11 months that I've been posting and is my minor step towards change.

My new job is all about change which is what's so exciting about it. Project work is fluid and different every day, which keeps life interesting. Days are now crazy busy which is great because it motivates me and I'm finding everything is a big new learning curve. The house change will take further work on my hubby - he thrives on stability. How I envy my brother and parents who up and moved 4 hours a way. I could only wish!

So what about you, does change terrify you or exhilarate you?

Cheers, Fi

The key to change... is to let go of fear ~ Rosanne Cash


  1. Good reflections Fi -- One of my very first bosses used to say "change is here to stay".

    It's helped me deal with change in positive ways -- because truly, it's not going away!

  2. As I am just escaping from the baby-coma for the last time and have had 10 years (10 years!) of sleep-deprivation I currenly find change exhausting. Can't remember what I used to feel - kinda numb. :) Moving in a few months that should shake me up a bit!

  3. ...have heard is said that change is the only constant...
    There you go - got both brain cells to work at the same time!

  4. i loathe changes, but i fortunately benefit of a great capacity to adapt. cosmetic changes like moving furniture and changing the look of my blogs are little details. but changing home or job are affecting me more and cause insecurities. but as i said, i adapt!! but i don't look forward to changes, they just happen, somehow...


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