Monday, June 27, 2011

A Star is Born

He has arrived. Jayden Lukas-Kruz (sorry mum I told you the wrong spelling) entered the world at 2.16am on Monday 27th June weighing 6.28 pounds. Cast and crew of the production are understandably exhausted after 22 hours of labour. The star is blonde and gorgeous (and there is no bias from the writer of this post whatsoever)

Today was the second longest day of my life - yesterday was the longest. Work was the normal crazy busy today that it has been for the last few weeks and my brain was absolute mush, but I got through it and made it to the hospital to goo and gaa and take numerous photos as is expected of a brand new Nani.

The Star

The Producers

All my boys

and me - Nani Fi (the new name I wear with pride)

Thanks for all your well wishes and congratulations to my son and his darling fiancee.
I am a very proud Nani indeed

Cheers, Fi


  1. Um would that be like Grandmother FI?

  2. Congratulations Nani Fi and also a big Hi 5 to the Producers and the new Uncles! Nice photo of you and Jayden. Gee he's got long legs!


  3. Congratulations Nani Fi (I like just might stick). Great name for little Jayden, he will already go on to do great things in his life with a strong name like that. We are a tad bias with our 10 year old Jayden though!!!
    Enjoy every moment.

    Love Cath & Rob

  4. Oh what a cutie! Congrats Nani Fi. He shares the same first name as my son! I'm so happy for you and the producers.

  5. Congratulations Nana Fi!

    Wow, his little legs are long. Such a beautiful family.

  6. Very proud Nani indeed!

    As well you should be. He is beautiful -- and so tiny!!!!!


    Congratulations everyone.

    PS ummmm -- you look kinda young to be a granny!!!!

  7. and what a oyung looking nan you are too. I see you have all boys- me too, two of them, 40 and 35 years old (35 year old is the daddy).


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