Monday, June 20, 2011

I used to be a better mum

Once upon a time not so long ago, I was one of those mums who baked every Sunday afternoon, spent half my life in the car travelling between sports matches and my house and garden were in good shape. Now I hardly ever bake on Sunday's, my garden looks like a jungle and I don't go to any sports matches at all.

Sometimes I feel guilty about the departure of my 'better mothering' qualities and then I have to remind myself that it's not all my doing. Back in 'those' days I was working part time so I had more hours to do all the travelling between sports activities. At the same time though I still used to do all of my uni study sitting in the car at training while the boys played one of a million different sports.

Neither of the two that are still at home are playing any sport this year (not my doing and boy did it take some control to contain my dance of joy when they decided this) I've always had strict rules that they can play any sport they want but once they commit to something then they're in it for the season, no excuses, no trying to get out of training. These days teenage social lives and part time jobs seem to infringe too much on their time so they've taken a break from sports.

The jungle in my front yard - ah well it's all about priorities and it failed to make the list this year. Full time hours and additional travel to the job just chews up the daylight hours so the garden will grow and as long as I can find my car then it's okay. Truly, it's not really that bad and the boys are now old enough to assist with the lawns at least, besides some of the weeds are quite attractive looking.

Baking on a Sunday, well I'm saddened that I don't do that as often as I used to, but it all comes back to time. I've also discovered that it's now not considered 'cool' for teenagers to take lunch to school that mum baked. What the.....? I did bake last night though just to maintain my little 'good mother sometimes' tag.

I whipped up some bacon and corn pikelets and banana muffins - and they did take them for lunch today. I suppose they probably ate them on the way to school to avoid being 'seen' eating home baked goodies at lunchtime, but regardless I felt good that I'd made the effort.

So in a nutshell I guess it's not that I was once a better mother but that my boys are becoming men and my priorities have changed slightly (alot). I just need more hours in my day and probably less blogging and writing. Such is life though.

What about you, have your priorities changed or do you try to do it all?

Cheers, Fi

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  1. Hello I found your blog and I have to say our British cooking seems so boring when I read about the food you Aussies eat.
    It's also so funny, my closest friend is named Fi and is an Aussie with 3 kids, she's also a blogger.
    Looking forward to mooching around your blog.
    Love and hugs. xx :)

  2. Ok -- so I'm stealing your image from this blog to include on mine today! LOL - definitely not a super mom here in Canda! :)

  3. I am just thinking about writing a post for World Moms about doing every thing at the same time - or concentrating on doing one thing well and then the next...
    We're just beginning the weekend sport run and I do sometimes bake - but I would say my priorities are constantly changing...we call do it all, just not all at the same time!

  4. I used to bake ALL the time BEFORE my son was born. Now? Not so much :)

    I consider it a good day when I can get us both cleaned and fed!

  5. My priorities used to be me, me and me, now they're my son, my daughter and my husband. I guess priorities in life will keep changing with the times.

  6. This was such an introspective post. I've never been a good kid-activity mom. I get worn out a third of the way through the season. You were doing great, yet I'm glad you're giving yourself a well-deserved break.

    Thanks for linking up at lovelinks!

  7. Hi I came over from Love Links 11. Love the honesty and integrity. Are people truly happy when they try to do it all? I know I haven't been and it seems my friends still love me even if I don't do home baked cookies! Good on you!

  8. Visiting from lovelinks!

    I really appreciate your honesty. No one's able to do it all really but I think admitting you can't and accepting that you can't is awesome. It's what makes you real. Your boys probably appreciate you in so many ways that you don't even know!


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