Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gratefully inspired.

It was on my mind to post about the things that I'm thankful for today and I'll tell you why in a minute, but I also found that after zapping around the blogosphere today and doing my normal visiting that it seems to be a common theme, so it would appear I'm not alone in my gratitude today.

The reason I was thinking along these lines was following a Facebook post (from her godmother) that appeared yesterday informing us that beautiful little Lilah Bishop has passed away. I originally posted about this sweet little angel here and I've been following her journey via the page her family set up to honour her short life.

In just 12 short days, almost 9000 followers have joined this Facebook page and assisted her parents in spreading the message that we should live in the moment and treasure the special times we have with our children. I believe the overwhelming love and joy that the Bishop family surrounded their daughter with is what kept her alive for so much longer than medical experts expected.

My love and thoughts are with this family as they mourn the passing of their little treasure who shone from the inside and inspired many of us to 'Relish in the simple things with our children and never take anything for granted when we are with them' Hugs to all of you.

So today I am grateful for the following

1) My beautiful boys who amuse and entertain me and make me feel honoured to be their mother
2) My darling friends and former work colleagues. I may not have been in party mode yesterday but I still donned my dancing shoes and my party hat and had the most enjoyable evening. You guys light up my world and I miss the joy and laughter you used to bring to my work days. I'm not a drinker so I'm even more grateful that I woke up hangover free and feeling great this morning (despite a number of alcoholic bevies last night).
3) My hubby, even in his grumpiest moments, for better or worse I love him.
4) That I have a place to call home after reading about the statistics on homelessness in the news this week.
5) Hot milky cups of coffee on cold, rainy days
6) My family, no matter how far away you are, you're always in my thoughts
7) Chatting with my boys and hearing them talk about their experiences and opinions on happenings in the world
8) Warmth - nothing better than snuggling up on the lounge in front of the fire and feeling cosy and safe.
9) Social media for allowing me to remain in contact with loved ones who are not physically near by
10) That I'm alive and healthy and able to feel grateful for the good things in my world.

Hope you have plenty to feel grateful for in your lives.

Cheers, Fi

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. ~G.K. Chesterton


  1. going to steal your list on the grounds that I can't possibly think when it's past my bedtime. Love that you led with the boys. :)

  2. we have a saying here [in french]:
    "quand je me regarde, je me désole;
    quand je me compare, je me console!"

    when i look at myself,
    i feel desolate;
    when i look at others,
    i feel consoled!

    it is always good to stop and see what we have and hold dear, as it can be lost in a minute.

    may you be grateful for a long, long time!!

  3. It is a lovely post -- and blessings on Lilah Bishop's family.

    I love Ticklebear's saying!

  4. THis is a great list of blessings, most of them things we could add to our own. I'm a strong believer in remembering how blessed we really are, and in noticing the small things in our lives that often matter most. No matter how much we are struggling, there are always reasons to be grateful. Lovely post!


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