Friday, May 27, 2011

The week that was...

In the last two days I finally feel like I've been getting back to my happy place. This week has been a trying one with Tuesday being the culmination of a whole lot of stress and blech! I broke my number one rule that communication is the key to a successful life.

Tuesday morning brought the news that son would not be starting at the full time job when we'd expected which came on top of my hubby discovering that I had lent MM more money than hubby had been aware of. Stupid I know, that I didn't tell him. I was trying to avoid the discussion that son has to do things for himself. The mama bear had taken over my normal good thought processes and I was protecting my cub.

Hubby's reaction while disappointed was not the blow up that I'd expected. Then Tuesday night during a conversation with son and mother-to-be I learnt of their concerns regarding absence of baby movement for an entire day. With less than 7 weeks to go, this was slightly concerning.

My advice to them was to go down to emergency and ease their concerns because the stress of not knowing was worse. I still spent 2-3 hours worrying myself stupid that something was wrong despite my calm comments to them. With everything that they've been through lately I just couldn't imagine how they would deal with any bad news. I cried when I received the message that everything was okay, which deep down I'd known anyway.

Number one rule to myself, do not hide things and do not stress about things that may never be!

The project work has ramped up this week and we are now running at warp speed. Meetings over the last two days with the third party change management group who will be advising on the project have led to the recommendation that I be moved from a Project Administrator role into a Communications role.

My boss is dismayed because him and I work so well together but he's also the one who recommended that I was the best one for the position. This is my dream role and what I've been working towards since finishing up at university. We still have to discuss the logistics of this move, but I know that he will work things out to benefit us all. Lucky me that I have such an incredibly good boss.

Then today came confirmation finally that eldest MM will start his full time job on Monday - yeah! After a firm prod from hubby, MM also went down and spoke to the government support agency yesterday and found out that he'll be back paid money for the last six weeks that he was entitled to for limited earnings. Hubby has so far resisted the urge to tell me I told you so, but it's surely coming though.

Well that's my week in review and for the first time in ages I'm starting to a feel a tad more positive. Hope your week has been a good one too.

Cheers, Fi

Communication works for those who work at it ~ John Powell

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  1. Fi -- thank you for your openness and insightful view on your life -- really inspiring and positive to boot!

    have a great weekend and congratulations on the promotion!


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