Saturday, May 14, 2011

Arrggh - Blogger down for a day

This morning I've been hopping around the regular blogs I read and it's obvious that I wasn't the only one dismayed by Blogger chucking a wobble yesterday. Amazing how we come to rely on something being available.

Last night with Blogger out of action I actually had to think about what I was going to do with myself. What a sad state of affairs! Hubby was working, kids were doing their own thing and television was well - crap as usual. My completed novel was sitting and gelling for a while before I start my edits and quite honestly with recent family dramas I honestly wasn't feeling creative anyway.

I almost resorted to my hand written journal but it's not quite the same any more. So I read a book, a light hearted frivolous book. Probably just what was needed actually, a nice relaxing evening on the lounge with the heater keeping me toasty warm and no energy required.

I've read the status report from Blogger and there are still a few little whoopsies upsetting the blogosphere which I am noticing this morning, not the least of which is some comments have disappeared. So if your comment is not showing from Thursday's post - apologies, blame Blogger.

Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers, Fi

What about you, did Blogger mess up your day and / or night or couldn't you care less?

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  1. Oh its not just latest post was lost too...thankfully I had a backup...although blogger did finally manage to have us go out and play for a day :)

  2. Tulika - I lost my post and then it came back - just minus the comments. Lesson to be learnt in backing up I guess :-)

  3. I had so much trouble visiting any of my favorites blogs that are hosted on Blogger - posts were there, then not, no commenting available from Thursday sometime until late yesterday. As a former Blogger user, I could certainly empathize with the frustration all Blogger users were probably dealing with! :) Glad y'all are back up and running again - hopefully something like that won't happen again in the near future! :)

  4. It was a weird sensation -- I went to a concert with my daughter instead -- which was a wonderful evening shared with someone I love!

    And now, must go write my blog.

    And as to the backing up... yup. gotta do that too!

  5. I always am amazed at how quickly things become a part of our lives. Ten years ago, Blogger didn't even exist. Today....well look at the numbers of people who rely on blogger on a daily basis.

  6. It is amazing how we can get so comfortable with stuff being available to us and then when it's not we're like what's going on! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  7. technology - isn't it grand?! Not when it goes down and everything goes away!

  8. I lost a post for a while. It also messed up my post a day run for the year. The outage did frustrate me but this morning I was thinking about how amazing it is that usually it all goes smoothly and we can communicate with people all over the world so easily. Quite unimaginable not so long ago.

  9. I was pretty upset...but I host a dominoes league and I just spent a lot of my internet time there instead!

  10. I couldn't do anything and it took a while to figure out what else is wrong...I am glad they are back-up.
    Thanks for your visit today.

  11. Very clever! I like your writing! I've experienced the same thing re: a paper journal. Thanks for visiting and the great comment about sharing a joy doubles it - so true!

  12. a nightmare, posts needing fixing and by doing so, changed their publication time, which i had to fix also; comments gone but had a copy in my email box, so fix those too; scheduled posts not appearing...
    a nightmare!!

    i was worried at first but gave up eventually as time went by and it didn't come back online. when it is beyond your control, why butt your head against the wall?...

  13. The whole Blogger boggle was just a disaster in my opinion. I was irritated because I wanted to get on here and blog a few different times and couldn't. Then with posts being lost and also comments, it was so frustrating. I think I am dependent upon my blog and my bloggy buddies more than I thought :)

    I popped over after reading your comment, thanks for visiting me and your insight regarding something other than my 6WS post. I appreciate it :)


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