Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wealth is not measured in money

I'm fabulously wealthy! But before any of you who're simply passing through the blogosphere get excited and set out to discover where I live, perhaps you should know my definition of wealth.

We are by no means financially well off, we have a mortgage and we both need to work to pay the bills just like millions of others. We don't have a fancy house or drive expensive cars and all of the extra-ordinary expenses still need to be carefully considered and evaluated. While we are better off than we were when our children were younger and we were struggling to survive on one wage, we are not financially wealthy .

See I’ve been thinking about these six words a lot lately. I believe that our wealth is not measured by money or our ability to pay the bills, our wealth is measured by our life experiences. Money makes life easier but having a happy and healthy family, good friends, new learning experiences, enjoyable times, hopes and dreams to me are the definition of true wealth. There’s a whole lot more that contribute to our wealth, but these are the essential ones for me.

In which case, I’m extremely grateful because this makes me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

To my beautiful mother, you and dad were the ones who taught me how to be fabulously wealthy and also taught me to grab every opportunity with both hands. Thank you and I love you. - Hope you have a fantastic Mothers Day and I'm sorry that we can't be there to share it with you.

If you believe in my six words, pop by and read this post which I found after writing this and wanted to share with you all because it perfectly coincides with my words.

Cheers, Fi

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True wealth is not measured in money or status or power. It is measured in the legacy we leave behind for those we love and those we inspire. – Cesar Chavez


  1. Hi love - I tried to call you but I guess you are out somewhere.

    To see how you have flourished as a daughter, sister, wife and mother is one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced - you make me so proud!

    Sorry we won't be able to spend Mother's Day together but we'll be together in spirit.

    Love you heaps

  2. Always a pleasure to read about someone whose priorities are in some rational, positive order.

  3. I agree with you totally. Great post! Visiting from 6WS.

  4. I completely agree AND I needed to hear this today. We have a couple of people in our extended family who are *incredibly* materialistic and appearance orientated and this post takes the edge off my frustration...:)

  5. I completely agree with you. I write for, and that is something we are always trying to explore. Financial wealth is just a means to an end; it is not an end in itself. True wealth is happiness, security, and a sense of belonging. Qualitative wealth is so much more important than quantative, because in the end, without the qualitative, the quantitive doesn't really amount to much more than a number on paper. :)

    I enjoyed your post.

  6. I agree with your words. Off to visit the post you recommend.

  7. So true...(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

  8. Well done! Such a wonderful 6WS. It is very true and reminds one of their priorities.

  9. I'm wealthy, too! Incredibly blessed. Wonderful words...

  10. Oh, you are so right! I have felt incredibly rich lately, knowing how many friends and family members I have supporting me.

    Yesterday, however, I lost a friend due to some cruel and hurtful words she said. I spent the day devastated and felt like a very poor person. In fact, I couldn't even shop for the Mother's Day gift my husband took me out for. It was exactly like I was a penniless person walking the streets. I didn't want to enjoy anything life had to offer.

    But, like all life experiences I will put this one behind me and move along, placing it in my memory bank. Today is a new day, a day to make new memories and to enjoy the richness of the world that is mine. It's too bad she doesn't get to join me! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my 6WS. I hope you are having a terrific weekend.

  11. Amen to that! I agree whole heartedly. I always say I would rather be broke and happy than rich and unhappy. Wealth in the "green" kind does not buy happiness. I have my faith, my family and friends, that is all that matters. Hope you had a blessed Mothers Day and congrats on the upcoming birth of first grandbaby!

  12. Lovely post. Similarly, I've always defined wealth as options and opportunities. True, money can assist, but it can also complicate.

    Thanks for playing 6WS - these were some deep words!

  13. Wonderful post! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower. Have a blessed Mother's Day!

  14. it is good that you find perspective in life and recognize the true value of certain things beyond the material world, which are only a fleeting illusion actually.

    these life experiences are what define us in the way we deal with them.

  15. Fantastic, your post is inspirational. It is definitely true that we can be wealthy in many ways and love is priceless.

  16. I am glad that you are rich, Fiona. Yes, indeed, life is a lot more than money and the earning of it.
    Happy Mother's Day. And congratulations on your becoming a Nana this year!

    Thank you too for peeking in on me and leaving your nice comment. I have never been in an accident except as a passenger. Except for one time we were messing around with an old Ford in a dry lake and the car tipped over. We were all laughing up a storm, no one was hurt.


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