Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet the men in my world

My second post is up at World Moms Blogs today. My post is about my bumpy road to motherhood. You'll also notice there is now a button on the sidebar of my blog which can take you directly to World Moms Blogs - the blog has some great stories for mums and mums-to-be if you want to go and check it out.

Do you ever visit blogs with photos and think that the person looks exactly like you thought they would, or other times you read blogs and you think that the person looks nothing like you expected them to. I also do the same when I read books, I have to be able to visualise what I'm reading. In my mind I picture what the characters look like and what the settings look like, it makes the story come alive for me.

Well in keeping with my post on World Moms Blog and my journey to motherhood, here are my beautiful boys (the mere males or mm's as I affectionately refer to them) who make my world a better place, my nephew because I love him just as dearly and of course me. These are the special men in my world. I spared hubby from the torture of putting his photo up - I'll work towards that one.

In less than 7 weeks I will add another little 'man' to my photo collection of the men in my world. Do you know that I'm finding it just as torturous waiting to be a nana as I did waiting to become a mum. Well maybe not quite as bad because I've avoided the back aches, the heartburn, the feeling like a whale in the last few weeks. Okay so maybe it's not quite as torturous.

So, does reality match what you imagined - I'm guessing probably not!

The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inner most hearts, ever quite wish to. ~ Dodie Smith


  1. i may be trying to escape my family, and you now know why... just saw your comment.
    but yours look so endearing. something in the eyes... and i am NOT the envious type. perhaps you'll understand why i envy you. that is something i'll never have. i wouldn't have dare. IT stops with me!! your experience may be trying at times, but just know that it remains a wonderful thing.

    does reality match my idea i made myself of you?
    you seem perkier than i expected...

  2. Wow -- what fabulous photos.

    Perkier -- maybe that's what it is. More blonde than I imagined :)!

    You are beautiful as are you MMs.

  3. It's a great post too. :)
    Love the photos. Cute boys. :)


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