Friday, May 6, 2011

This is the tantrum to end all tantrums

I have just read the most hilarious and tragically sad behaviour of a writer that I have ever witnessed. I recently posted about wishing that sometimes I could have a tantrum and throw myself on the floor screaming. This wanna-be-writer did exactly that, only she broadcast her entire vitriolic outburst in response to an honest and open review of her self published book across the internet for all bloggers, agents and publishers to see.

The review post has gone viral on the internet and is hitting Facebook and Twitter sites at a rapid rate. The reviewer of this book now has more blog traffic than could ever be imagined and has been forced to close the comment thread at 309 comments. I laughed as I started reading some of the comments (including those of the author who had been reviewed) and then I felt saddened that this woman has decimated any career chances she may dream of as a writer.

I now most certainly know what I should not be doing in trying to publish my book. It is also a timely lesson about the power of blog posts. Blogs in most cases are the owner’s personal opinions and viewpoints on life. We are all free to post whatever we want and people will either read it or they won’t and will also comment or they won’t.

It is not expected though that when someone makes a fair and honest assessment of something you have written, be it blog post, story or poem, that you would verbally abuse them (continuously on their site) and not wind up looking like a total fool, especially when what that person has said is accurate.

I know that if you haven’t already seen this, then you will want to go and check it out, so here is the link to the review. The comments must be read after the review to get an understanding of the extent of this woman’s outburst.

For the record - the crazy lady lying on the floor and throwing an almighty tantrum in this case - is not me!

Cheers, Fi
Sometimes we know we shouldn’t and that’s exactly why we do ~ Anon


  1. Oh dear. Adult tantrums: I guess the brattish four-year-old never got told she was anything but perfect...

  2. Karyn - I think you're right


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